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Sarkozy in court in influence Pedding case in France

The statement said that Mr. Sarkozy would "quietly" wait for the results of this motion and that "he has no doubt that the truth will triumph again in the end".

Under French law, one person convicted of active corruption can face up to 10 years imprisonment and a fine of 1 million euros or about 1.2 million dollars, while the influence of squatters with up to five years imprisonment and 500,000 euros penalty or about $ 615,000 can be punished.

The announcement took place just one week after 63-year-old Mr Sarkozy was formally arrested in another case on suspicion that his 2007 election campaign had received illegal financial support from the Libyan government of Colonel Muammar el-Gaddafi.

Although the cases are split, the allegations of interference come from the Libya investigation, which began in 2013, prompting investigators to set up interception attempts on Mr. Sarkozy's phones and his lawyer Thierry Herzog.

Through the interceptions reported by Hority, investigators found out in 2014 that Mr Sarkozy and Mr Herzog were discussing ways to obtain confidential information about another case of the former President, which is being handled by the highest French appellate court has been.

Prosecutors say that Mr Sarkozy has tried to obtain illegal information from Gilbert Azibert, then judge of the court, inter alia, by promising to use his influence to get Mr Azibert into work in Monaco. The job never came off.

Mr. Sarkozy has been subjected to multiple corruption requests since leaving office in 2012. None has led to convictions, but the developments in Libya and the cases of interference indicate that Mr. Sarkozy's legal problems are at their peak. Sarkozy, who repeatedly argued that the investigation against him was politically motivated, was furious that investigators had consulted with his lawyer, but the appeal court ruled in 2016 that the taps were legal.

The former president has already been ordered to hold a lawsuit for illegally financing his failed election proposal for 2012, in which the prosecutor says he has knowingly extended his campaign beyond the strict spending limits of French law. Mr Sarkozy has appealed against this decision.

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