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"Saturday Night Live" Cold Open: Robert De Niro's Mueller finds no trump card guilty of collusion

Robert De Niro and Alec Baldwin were in charge of "Cold Night" on Saturday Night Live to investigate the investigation against Robert Müller, who had investigated the Trump administration for possible collusion with Russia to give.

De Niros Müller complained that there was not enough evidence that President Trump had colluded, but suggested that POTUS was not yet off the hook.

"I give these 380 pages," he said in a letter to Attorney General William Barr. "In terms of obstruction of the judiciary, we have not reached a final conclusion."

Regarding conspiracy or collusion, he added, "There were several questionable incidents involving the president's team, but we can not prove a criminal connection."

An avid Barr, played by SNL Aidy Bryant, replied: "No collusion, no diggity, no doubt."

"After two years … our investigation is finally over", De Niro stated. "Overall, there is a wealth of circumstantial evidence."

"Free at last, free at last." Baldwin's trump crowed.

Nonetheless, De Niro said the case was being further investigated by prosecutors in the southern district of New York.

But Baldwin's Trump was not worried and used Muller's report as another opportunity to enjoy himself.

"If you shoot the devil, you should not miss him," he said, referring to a famous line from The Wire & # 39; Omar Little.

De Niro reminded the Trump administration, "We have indicted 34 people in this investigation."

But Bryant shook his head and confronted him, insisting that most of them were "very good people."

A dismissive Baldwin fired a text that lets the defendants know, "The pardon is already in the mail." Moments later, he sent another text saying, "Russia, if you go to bed. Daddy won.

Baldwin did not want to miss an opportunity and mocked Puerto Rico.

"I want my paper towels to return," he said of the paper towels Trump had thrown into a crowd during a visit to the island nation in 201

7, after Hurricane Maria.

The episode continued with Killing Eve star Sandra Oh, who gave her SNL her debut, with Tame Impala as the musical guest of the night.

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