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“Saturday Night Live” opens with Alec Baldwin Drinking Bleach – Deadline

Saturday night live At the start of the season 45 finale this weekend there was a tip for the class of 2020. With the actors, who were seen as seniors with degrees from afar, Alec Baldwin joined them, who played his role when President Donald repeated Trump.

Baldwin wore a red cap that said “Make America Great Again” and warned graduates that the job market was bleak due to the COVID 19 outbreak.

“You are actually lucky enough to graduate,” he began before delivering the gloomy business news. “There are so many exciting new jobs like bouncer in the grocery store, camgirl, veranda pirate, amateur nurse and coal. Don’t forget the coal, it’s in the ground and you just dig it and grab it. “

Chris Redd and Kenan Thompson interrupted him, but he interrupted them with a racist response.

“Hey, let’s mute him. Let’s mute a lot of jazz guys,” Baldwin said of the black cast.

The graduates were unimpressed by Baldwin’s Trump as the closing speaker and shouted “We want Fauci”, which refers to Dr. Anthony Fauci moved in, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.

Baldwin later began to cough, suggesting that he may have coronavirus. But he found a quick fix and put a bottle of Clorox bleach in his mouth, chugging at it, based on President Trump’s recent comments on the possible use of disinfectants to turn the virus off.

Baldwin called the drink “good old invincibility juice”. Hopefully there was only water in this bottle! Then he offered the graduates some advice on life.

“Believe in yourself and you can achieve anything, look at me. I started out as the son of a simple, wealthy slum lord, and I’ve become a billionaire, president, and the world’s leading infectious disease expert, ”he said. “Surround yourself with the worst people you can find. This way you will always shine. If you don’t understand something, just call it stupid. Never wear sunscreen and live every day as if it were your last, because we’re going to run this virus wild. “

The episode was the third episode of the series “At Home” in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic. The first was broadcast on April 11 and opened by Tom Hanks. It contained a musical performance by Chris Martin.

The second episode ran on April 25 and was opened by Brad Pitt, who as Dr. Fauci performed and had a special appearance by Miley Cyrus as a musical guest. The Latin American rapper Bad Bunny also appeared in a sketch.

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