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Saudi Arabia is considering attacking Iran

Item: Saudi Arabia may not be back without US support, but Tehran is considering it.

Two weeks after a devastating attack on Saudi oil factories in Abqaiq and Khurai, one important question remains unanswered: what will the United States and Saudi Arabia do in response? Both try vividly to prove that Iran was directly responsible for the attacks. By proving Iran's guilt, they can continue to diplomatically isolate Tehran, potentially paving the way for an aggressive response.

However, Saudi Arabia is located between a rock and a hard place. If it does nothing, Iran will likely continue its aggression against the main US partner to force the US to relax its sanctions. After all, Riyadh can hardly try to defuse tensions with Tehran, as the latter are the main target. The US measures that the kingdom has little control. However, if Saudi Arabia attacks Iran to restore its deterrence, it risks Iranian retaliation and seriously jeopardizes its vital energy infrastructure. With pressure to take a step forward, Saudi Arabia may soon feel the need to overthrow Iran and inflict some sort of retaliation on it.

The Calculations

The United States is deeply concerned It is embroiling in another Middle East conflict and trying to direct its attention and resources to the wholesale competition with Russia and China. If one of the Iranian opponents wants to initiate a military response to the attacks of Abqaiq and Khurais, the Saudis will probably lead the operation themselves. When US military advisers informed US President Donald Trump of the various options for an aggressive response, he insisted that Saudi Arabia should contribute to any retaliation, CBS News reported.

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