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Saudi Arabia united the Arab world against Iran. That is, the conflict could come one step closer

And although this achievement does not require any military threats or new red lines, it is an important milestone on a path that can still lead to regional conflicts.

Midnight Islamic Summit The aging but still attentive Saudi monarch received a twofold affirmation of its claims that Iran destabilizes the Middle East and a reaffirmation of its demand that "the international community take its responsibility".

The Gulf of Six Nations The Co-operation Council and 21 Arab League members present urged Iran not to interfere in its neighbors' internal affairs and accused Tehran's "Threats to Maritime Security" in the Persian Gulf as " unfounded "and accusation that Saudi Arabia had promoted an" American and Zionist "agenda. However, Tehran was deaf not one, but two unifying summit communications and asked to change his behavior.

It would be easy You attribute the king's success as the kind of lever that only petrodollar can buy, but the region is deeply divided on many issues ̵

1; not least a burning divide with neighboring Qatar, the has lived under economic and economic conditions for two years, embargo imposed by Saudi Arabia.

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Unlike his ally Trump, who prefers the megaphone in his search for dialogue with the Iranian mullahs, the king opted for a more subtle soft power visiting Iranian diplomats in this deeply religious time to provide ample access to Mecca.

Nevertheless, it would be a mistake to dismiss the summits as hot air. It is true that at these summits in the past, many words have been followed by less action. King Salman himself admitted that "the failure to take a firm stand against the Iranian regime" in the past "has led to the escalation that we see today."

It would also be misleading to associate the rage of the King over Iran with President Trump's report on light lies and a US invasion story under false assumptions, especially in neighboring Iraq over 16 years ago, as a joint venture to a new one To start a business.

Trump's and Salman's agendas overlap in Iran, but the newly-found regional unit of the king in this matter could quickly collapse if he chooses a fight.

What we saw in Mecca was a sign that was set. that the status quo with Iran is no longer tolerated by Saudi Arabia and its allies. What happens next is in the Iranian court. Conversations are an option, but terrorism, if perceived as such by Tehran's neighbors, is not.

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