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Savannah Guthrie apologizes for the cursing live on "Today" show

The NBC co-host immediately joined Twitter after being heard by a swear word about the family-friendly morning show.

Savannah Guthrie asks today viewers to forgive her. In what appeared to be a production flaw, the co-host of the NBC morning show was told, "Shit, I'm sorry, guys," as he prepared for a segment on Wednesday morning. It was not long before she apologized in a humorous tweet for the incident.

"Check, check ̵

1; is that a thing? Yes, I think that's it," she wrote. "Sorry, guys, thank you for being nice and understanding and guess it's good that I do not wear a microphone all day." Then she added the hashtag #ohdarn.

Today Spectators quickly flooded Guthrie's timeline with positive messages, letting them know that everything is forgiven. "You looked like you were concentrating," a fan wrote. Another added, "We love you. #ohdarn." Several others assured Guthrie that she is not the only one who occasionally misses a dirty word – or the first one caught in a hot microphone incident.

View Guthrie's Slip-Off video below

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