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Scoring Borussia Dortmund against Bayern Munich: Kimmich’s chip and Burki’s mistakes make the difference in the classic

Bayern Munich has a hand for the coveted championship trophy after going second in Borussia Dortmund on Tuesday and winning 1-0 in the first half thanks to Joshua Kimmich’s bold chip. Since Dortmund needed a win to really stay in the title race, it was the visitors who consistently looked like the stronger team, although the hosts will feel deprived of a possible draw thanks to a non-call to an apparently clear handball. Jerome Boateng’s box in the second half. Bayern’s lead is now seven points, as the club is only a few centimeters closer to its eighth consecutive title in the Bundesliga.

Here are three takeaways from the game:

1. Burki should really have done better

Kimmich is a master of scoring outside of the box, and his drawn-up long post ball was brilliant and well executed, but let’s face it: goalkeeper Roman Burki shouldn’t be beaten by this ball in any way. It wasn’t high enough to freeze him, and he even had most of his hand on it. The timing was wrong and it leads to loss.

Look here:

Take a closer look at where he has his hand on the ball:

I don’t think he was wearing gloves that were three sizes too big and his fingertips were filled with air, so there’s really no excuse there. He didn’t make the contact he wanted on the ball and it costs them. I bet he saves 10 times in a row in an identical situation.

2. Dortmund deprived of the clear punishment

While Burki’s mistake injured Dortmund, the referees also did, as the hosts should have had a penalty. Haaland was released in the second half and fired a ball toward the frame, but it hit Jerome Boateng’s arm and went right past the post. Boateng was on the floor, stretched out his arm, made contact, and nothing was called.

It looked like this:

It was a clear penalty and was not even looked at by the referee through VAR. A blown call.

3. The title race may have ended

It feels like this title race is almost over as Bayern are seven points ahead with six games remaining. Even if Bayern won three and lost three, Dortmund would have to win all of the remaining games to move forward. Since Erling Haaland leaves the game on Saturday with a groin injury, it’s difficult to find a way back from Dortmund unless they’re perfect on the rest of the way. The problem is that even if they win, Bayern are likely to keep up and win the crown.

This may not have been the knockout hit, but Dortmund is on the ropes and dazed.

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