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Scottish police looking for missing singer finds body

LONDON – Police look for The missing singer of the Scottish rock band Frightened Rabbit said Friday they had found a body in a marina on the Firth of Forth.

Scott Hutchison was missing on Wednesday after leaving a hotel in South Queensferry near Edinburgh.

Police Scotland On Thursday evening, the corpse of a man was found in the marina of Port Edgar.

Hutchison had talked about his struggles with depression, and after his disappearance, his family said they were worried that he was in a "fragile state." Hutchison sent tweets late Tuesday saying "Please hug your loved ones" and "I'm off now. Thanks."

The indie rock group Frightened Rabbit was founded by Hutchison and his drummer Brother Grant and released several albums.

Other Scottish musicians pay tribute to 36-year-old Hutchison. Alex Kapranos of Franz Ferdinand tweeted: "Terrible news about Scott Hutchison – a terrible loss." Stuart Murdoch of the band Belle and Sebastian wrote: "The entire music community in Scotland prayed for a different result."

Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon "Heartbreaking news, my thoughts are with Scott's family, friends and fans – a remarkable and beloved talent."

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