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Scramble for Hong Kong sticky note & # 39; Lennon wall & # 39;

  A man photographs works of art and messages in support of protesters who are against a Chinese extradition law.

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The colorful Lennon walls have appeared in various districts in Hong Kong

"Lennon Walls" in Hong Kong fought when supporters of a controversial extradition law clashed with their opponents.

A man was arrested after being filmed on Wednesday in front of a Lennon wall when he beat another night.

On another Lennon Wall, three were arrested after battles between anti-Bill and pro-Bill supporters.

Lennon Walls ̵

1; walls with colorful protest notes – have spread in Hong Kong in recent weeks.

The emergence of the walls is followed by weeks of protests in Hong Kong over a bill that would allow suspects in the city to be extradited to mainland China until it was completely withdrawn.

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Hong Kong has seen some of its biggest protests in history because of the extradition law

As the protests continue, many have sought to stick messages that support the protests and anger against the government to the walls to express themselves.

Colorful notes conquer the city-old man was repeatedly filmed as he beat a younger man at a Lennon Wall in Hong Kong's Kowloon Bay.

According to local media reports, the man had torn down sticky notes on the wall – it's not clear if the younger man had tried to stop him. The 46-year-old was later arrested.

The video of the attack became viral in Hong Kong in social media. Many applauded the younger man who did not reciprocate or defend himself.

A conflict also broke out in another Lennon from Wall near the Yau Tong subway station in Hong Kong that same night.

According to the South China Morning Post, anti-Bill activists cleared sticky notes on the wall when dozens of pro-Bill followers showed up.

An attempt was made to remove the messages and prevent the activists from sending more messages.

Soon more people came from both sides to join the quarrel, and fights quickly ensued.

Later, the police appeared and three men who allegedly knocked an 18-year-old down were later arrested.

Another separate incident earlier this week saw dozens of police officers remove notes from the Lennon Wall after some personal information from a police officer was found on some messages.

Lennon Walls – who got his name from a wall in London. Prague, filled with graffiti inspired by John Lennon, has appeared in numerous districts of Hong Kong.

They first appeared in 2014 during the Occupy Protests in Hong Kong, when thousands took over the streets to protest against Beijing's ruling exclude all-democratic elections in Hong Kong.

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Lennon Walls performed for the first time at the height of the 2014 protests

As a former British colony, Hong Kong is part of China, but is subject to a "one-country-two-system" regime that guarantees it a high degree of autonomy, except in foreign affairs and defense.

It has its own judiciary and a legal system separate from mainland China – but critics fear that the bill would undermine that independence.

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Media Title Carrie Lam stated that there is "no such plan" for the controversial extradition law.

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