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Scream to Shred in & # 39; Supermarket & # 39; to survive

Walking the supermarket with intact minds can be difficult – as the legions of racks, geriatric Rascal riders, and raging basket babies seem to go for each gear. But this is a walk in the park, compared to the challenges you face in Supermarket Shriek of the British studio BillyGoat Entertainment


The premise of the game is simple. You are a man who is in a shopping cart with a goat. Trapped in the truck, your only means of mobility are your cries of terror, driving you through labyrinthine markets full of booby traps. With 30 launches available later this summer, it means a lot of roar.

The controls are wonderfully straightforward. In single-player mode, you can control the man and the goat independently with the left and right triggers. If you turn one cry to the left, turn the other scream to the right, you must scream at the same time to move forward. There is no reversal.

But like most games Supermarket Shriek even better with a friend. Connect a microphone to each of your Xbox or Playstation controllers and let everyone scream. The louder you are, the harder you turn and the faster you go. The effect is similar to the classic NES game Marble Madness but each person can control only half of the avatar's movement. It's a challenge, and keep enough lozenges ready.

It gets even harder when you encounter the various obstacles that are in each level. From giant guillotine blades to water hazards, flame pits and diving boards, there are more than enough options to fail every turn. However, if you can complete the level fast enough, earn 3 stars (such as Angry Birds ) and unlock the current player's Ghost Racer, which is on global leaderboards, rounding off the level against the best can screams on the planet.

Supermarket Shriek is scheduled for release this summer on the Xbox, Playstation and Switch. It is expected that retail will cost about $ 1

0- $ 15.

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