Google Duo is a little unusual in the company's apps because it identifies users that are not based on the Google Account, which connects you from Gmail through YouTube to the Play Store, but uses your device's phone number instead. Quite since our inception, we wondered if this situation would ever evolve. Now it looks like Google is updating its duo support pages in anticipation of the change.

We expected this to happen since we discovered a series of Google Account Integration text strings last fall. Earlier this month we got our latest tease, with the release of even more language related to the connection. What we saw suggested that Google was almost ready to go live with the feature, but then we could not say it.

Although we have not yet seen this account association, Google is actively promoting the Duo app itself by releasing a new support page describing how this functionality will work. New users are encouraged to associate their Google Account with Duo when they first launch the app, while existing users can add that information through the app's settings menu.

If you decide later that you do not want to have Duo users who contact you through your Google Account, you can also manually disconnect them. However, you will need to confirm the phone number of your device again with Duo.

Google notes that this account connection will (at least initially) be available only on Android devices. We keep an eye on the Duo app and provide all additional information as soon as this feature is finally active.