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Screenshots of the Chromium-based edge browser from Microsoft online

  Screenshots of Microsoft's Chromium-Based Edge Browser Leaked Online

Screenshots of Microsoft's Edge Chromium-based web browsers leaked online, revealing the large amount of UI DNA shared between the two browsers, and providing details a future Microsoft Edge Store.

Microsoft announced in early December that they will abandon the current codebase of their Microsoft Edge browser and switch to Google's open source Chromium, and that the name tag will remain unchanged, even though the app will do so and be outside.

Since no further details about the project have been published on official channels since then, however, as is usually the case with projects being developed behind closed doors, there were a number of leaks that allowed us to get a glimpse of it how the final product will look.

  Chrome-based Microsoft Edge leaked screenshots

After app icons and some inst All screenshots of the new Edge browser leaked in late February. Neowin also released a series of leaked snapshots of an in-house preview of the Chromium-based Edge on March 5.

The screenshots show that it is from Microsoft's new Edge will share much with Google Chrome on the UI page, but it will also include a number of unique features, such as an integrated newsfeed with Microsoft News, Bing as the default search engine, and Microsoft Accounts for synchronization.

While Redmond had previously confirmed that the new Chromium-based Edge should support current Chrome extensions, the leaked screenshots of this Chromium-based edge build, developed for internal testing, show that the browser has its own Microsoft Edge Store is delivered.

  Microsoft Edge Store and Windows Information

This indicates that Microsoft intends to limit the number of extensions that are ultimately compatible with the new Edge

instead, when the final builds If the Chromium-based Edge looks the same and the Microsoft Edge Store continues to display, preventing them and their users from being flooded by the huge number of addons that already exist in the Google Chrome Web Store, Microsoft will most likely choose the extensions that they think are safe and useful enough to be installed through the Microsoft Store.

If you're interested in testing Microsoft's new Chromium browser, you can sign up for the Microsoft Edge Insider program, which will let you know when public test preview builds will be made available.

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