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Sea of ​​Thieves review: Fun ship battles in deep waters, but ultimately a shallow experience – James Ide

Ahoy, your landlubbers, Captain Jimbo here to tell you a story about the worst pirate who ever sailed the Sea of ​​Thieves aboard his damned ship, the HMS Mirrargh.

Sea Of Thieves is a daring, massive multiplayer online game from Rare Studios.

After creating a character and adjusting your look, you will be asked if you want to sail a large galleon or a smaller agile snoop.

Once you've selected your ship, you can choose to be part of a crew of other human players or to go it alone.

I'll be honest with you if you have a scurvy crew will make you more fun than alone. While human players can be terrible, the game is much more difficult without a crew helping you.

  Customize your ship and select a crew
Customize your ship and select a crew

For example, when one of my crewmembers crashed the ship, what caused it to fill with water and then they took me to the flood brigade for drowning.

However, I was also on well coordinated ships with everyone filling a station and working together to fend off enemies and bring back the important loot.

Sea Of Thieves uses the Unreal Engine and has a cartoon-like, stylized aesthetic reminiscent of Team Fortress 2 and World of Warcraft. While I did not like it at first, its charm grew like a barge-covered barge.

Once out on the open sea, the light effects and the water are truly breathtaking and add to the sense of freedom and adventure.

  Under the Sea
Under the Sea

The game has three different factions, the Gold Hoarders, Order of Souls and Merchant Alliance. As you complete tasks, you receive more gold to buy equipment and more advanced adventures.

However, this is the main night of the game.

The gold you get from quests or looting can only really be spent on cosmetic items, it really adds everything or forces you to change your style of play.

Sailing a sail means setting the sails and catching the wind in both length and angle. Guns must be loaded and pointed at enemies, and even the anchor must be dropped to stop the ship.

As annoying as these squeaks sound, it's actually quite funny and an experienced crew working together can get you in shape in no time. It can also be the difference between life and death in combat. There is a huge open world with treasures to find and vessels to be looted submerged in the depths.

Most quests are about an island fortress, against waves of skeletons and a boss, and then bring back treasures to one of the outposts in the fight against other human players trying to loot your prey.

  Spooky Incidents
Spooky Incidents

You also have to remember to collect supplies like food, cannonballs, and wood, which can wear down a bit, but without enough supplies Being in combat is a nightmare.

Ship-to-ship combat is exciting and really gets you and your crew together, not just to bombard the enemy with cannon fire, but to maneuver and climb the enemy ship – not to mention the creative use of Gunpowder barrels to blow up the enemy.

It feels great to take off another ship or defend your loot and it's very frustrating to take I always found out they would spawn somewhere nearby after wiping out another crew, and I would have to deal with them several times while healing the supplies of cannonballs that were repairing my ship, and replenishing supplies.

The game supports cross-platform play, so Xbox players can interact with their PC playmates for exploration and adventure.

The game is really difficult to play alone, and one is often picked up by the fully manned ships, which led me to wonder why there is no option to play on single-player servers.

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Meanwhile, on the bigger galleon ships, if you're not steering the ship or fighting, there's nothing else to do but get drunk and play the accordion!

Once you've completed a few quests and some have fended off other players, you've seen pretty much everything.

The lack of character development and prey can make the experience hollow and repetitive. Ship-ship battles are tense and appealing, but with enemies reappearing so quickly that melee combat can be tiring and irritating.

That means it's an entertaining game with friends, but do not expect any real depth in these murky waters.

Sea of ​​Thieves was released on March 20 and is available in the Microsoft Store for Windows 10 PCs and for download on Xbox One.

PC – £ 49.99

Xbox One – £ 44.99

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