With Sears closing deals in a debt mountain, the end could be close for the American retailer, and many of us are not ready yet.

Buyers who buy tires from Amazon can now install them in local Sears Auto Centers letting the country , But while the extended program can be of benefit to customers, it is unlikely to save Sears, who is quickly out of the possibilities as it struggles to survive.

The two retailers formed a partnership in May, where customers could buy tires from Amazon Select from 47 Sears Auto Centers in eight cities to install the tires at a time that worked for them. Now the service will be available nationwide.

"The response from Amazon customers to this program has been extremely positive," said Mike McCarthy, vice president and general manager of Sears Automotive, adding that the enhanced service means customers can now visit hundreds of other stores.

The program was well received when it was announced in the spring. Retailers said it was a bright spot for a retailer that relied heavily on shuttered shops, the sale of popular brands, and the borrowing of hundreds of millions of dollars

The news from Tuesday that the tire service will be available nationwide also seemed to be Investors Plummeted as Sears' Stock Prices Rise 12.6% to $ 1.25 on Tuesday The stock dropped 66% in 2018.

Some retail observers say the Amazon binding is a distinct reminder of how far away Se is ars fell.

"Sears used to be the gold standard of the sale," says Bob Phibbs, CEO of the consulting firm, Retail Doctor. "This partnership with Amazon is a new low, allowing customers to buy products online from a completely different retailer and pick them up at the store without having to interact with employees." It's a poor attempt to win Amazon customers, because it's easier to buy tires because Sears has so few of his own, this is not a turnaround strategy, it's a distraction. "

The extended tire service comes a few days after Sears Holdings announced that it was about 5% of its remaining Locations in Sears and Kmart would close because they lost money.

There will be 33 Sears and 13 shutter Kmart locations in November, which will leave it with less than 800 full-line stores in the US. In 2012, the company had 1,305 Kmart stores and 867 full-line Sears stores in the US

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