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SEC Expert Tips for 2019: Overvalued, underrated teams, and predicted order of goal

The 2018 SEC season did not end the way fans at the conference expected after Alabama was smoked in the Clemson College Football Playoff National Championship and dominated Texas Georgia in the Sugar Bowl. While these two losses did not break the SEC's name as the nation's toughest conference, they have cast doubt on how much the SEC's powers differ from those of other conferences.

There are many questions outside the top level two contenders. The LSU hired the former New Orleans Saints assistant, Joe Brady, to bring the crime to life. Auburn brings the real rookie Bo Nix in quarterback into a crucial year for coach Gus Malzahn. Texas A & M has momentum after finishing second in SEC West last season. Florida wants to build a season with 1

0 wins in the first year of Dan Mullen in Gainesville. Throw Clemson transfer quarterback Kelly Bryant in Missouri, Jeremy Pruitt's second year in Tennessee, and Kentucky's quest to build on last season's success, and you've got a conference full of intrigue. Read on to see the CBS Sports College football team take the SEC into the 2019 season.


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Most overrated team

Texas A & M: That's not so complicated. Texas A & M start the season in 12th place and it is certainly a team that has the potential to be among the top 10 teams in 2019. The problem is that the Aggies will have to race against Clemson, Georgia and LSU this season, with Georgia and LSU on the rise being consecutive weeks to end the regular season. Oh, and there's the game against Alabama in mid-October … and the rest of the SEC plan. This could be one of the better teams in the country, but it could also be a team that easily concludes with this schedule 8: 4, and it is hard to imagine that a 8: 4 team in the end of the top 10 comes the season. So I call the aggies overrated in the most basic use of the term. – Tom Fornelli (also Dennis Dodd)

Florida: The debut of Dan Mullen at Gainesville went as well as one might expect. Nobody will complain about victories over Tennessee, LSU, Florida State and Michigan. However, this program is far behind Georgia and the meat of this year's schedule will determine how good the Gators 2019 can be. Getting Auburn, LSU, South Carolina and Georgia in a month is brutal. Make no mistake: Florida will be good considering its offensive veterans, but I'm not sure it will be good enough to improve Mullen's debut last year – and its Preseason Ranking No. 8 is one a bit high, considering how far Georgia still seems to be ahead. – Ben Kercheval (also Barton Simmons)

Georgia: The Bulldogs are my choice to win the SEC East. I think this group could step back after making changes to both the attacking and defensive coordinators and drop some games in the regular season. – Chip Patterson

LSU: Yes, the LSU was in the Fiesta Bowl last season. Nevertheless, the coaching team felt the need to sell the idea of ​​a more dynamic out-of-season offense. Forgive my cynicism, but I'll believe it when I see it. I have doubts that Joe Burrow will take another step and become the differentiator he needs to be in order for LSU to become an actual national title candidate. Until then, the Tigers are a nice team, scoring nine or ten wins and looking out. – Barrett Sallee

Missouri: The addition of a quarterback Kelly Bryant, the transfer of Clemson, gives the Tigers the chance to score many points this season. They may even be undefeated when they play in Georgia on the 9th of November, but that may be primarily a function of their timetable. Mizzou scored 8-0 by playing only one team that finished with a record of over .500 (Troy). I think the Tigers are the third best team in the division, but not a strong challenger for the first two. It will be interesting to see how their season evolves when the contesting of their Bowl ban is denied. – Jerry Palm

Most Underrated Team

Auburn: Gus Malzahn's team will win 10 games in 2019. These include winning against Jordan or Alabama at the Jordan Hare Stadium in November. It probably will not be both, but I think they can get one of the two playoff contenders there at the home track of the season. – Chip Patterson (also Tom Fornelli, Jerry Palm)

Texas A & M: The bravery that comes on the quarterback Kellen Moon from the college station is enormous prove that it's more than talk from the moment you say goodbye to starting the season. A full season as the undisputed starter in combination with one of the country's best broadband reception corps will put pressure on the situation, which is a bit shaken after Trayveon Williams's departure. The Aggies came in second in the West last season, with Justin Madubuike as one of the country's best defensemen and Mike Elko as the leading defensive player. The aggies have also added the stability they desperately needed. The record could not show because it's the toughest in the country, but Texas A & M is fully capable of stirring up one of the big boys. – Barrett Sallee (also Ben Kercheval)

Mississippi State: After Joe Moorhead had suffered a painful offense in his first season and three first-round players from arguably the best left defense in college football , I get skeptical about Mississippi State. But with an improved receiving corps, one of the best setbacks anyone in Kylin Hill will ever talk to, and a quarterback in Tommy Stevens who knows the system from his time in Penn State, the offense would probably improve dramatically. The defense will subside, but I think this team is more willing to reload than many believe. Cam Dantzler is an NFL cornerback, there are many Edge Pass Rush talents, and Eroll Thompson and Willie Gay form an elite linebacking corps. This team is likely to be able to beat anyone who does not call his schedule Alabama. – Barton Simmons

Missouri: I'm trying to find a reason why Missouri can not fly 8-0 to Georgia on 9th November. Except for the game in Georgia are all the hard games of the SEC East at home. They have a championship quarterback with Kelly Bryant. Larry Rountree III is a 1,200-yard Rusher. Tight End Albert Okwuegbunam is an all-American in preseason. This could be a 10-win team. Yes, typical Missouri optimism from a school and its fans who specialize in such hype, but this time it looks real. Barry Odom matures as a coach. – Dennis Dodd

Bold Prediction

  • Dennis Dodd: Gus Malzahn will not make it to 2020 as Auburn's coach.
  • ] Jerry Palm: None of the current coaches will be dismissed for performance during or after the season.
  • Tom Fornelli: Overall, the SEC teams will not lose more than four non-conference matches in the regular season.
  • Chip Patterson: Kelly Bryant thrives in Missouri. Who needs rings … or a bowl game? Despite the sanctions, I think Bryant and the Tigers will play a big role as spoilers in the SEC East race.
  • Barton Simmons: The SEC will have two teams in the playoffs, and this includes the possibility of both teams coming from the West (LSU and Alabama).
  • Barrett Sallee: Georgia and Alabama will head the table in the regular season. The Crimson Tide will win the best of the Bulldogs in the SEC Championship for the second year in a row, but both will make the CFP.
  • Ben Kercheval: Texas A & M will win two of these three games: Alabama, Clemson, Georgia.

SEC Predicted Order

SEC Champion

Alabama: The standard in Bama is a national championship, so the tide will win the West. They have a good chance of winning 12-0 in the regular season. Even if this is not the case, a defeat by Georgia in the SEC Championship Game can not derail the playoff move. The pressure is taken from Tua Tagovailoa by a stronger running game from the span. This means that more Najee Harris and less Tua work freelance with deep blows on the field just because he can. Alabama has the best recipients in the country. You have never read those words, but they are true. Jerry Jeudy is the first returning Biletnikoff award winner since Marqise Lee in 2013. If Alabama does not win the SEC, say so: Earth will fall off its axis in Tuscaloosa. Georgia is rising, but until Kirby Smart defeats Nick Saban, it's Bama against the field in the SEC. – Dennis Dodd (also … all others)

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