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Second IRS stimulus check: could you qualify? We know the following

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Just because you received a stimulus check the first time does not mean that you qualify for a second payment if there is one.

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If the government agrees second stimulus test and you’ve met the requirements for the first economic Stimulus payment In 2020 you automatically qualify for the new one, right? We hate to burst your bladder, but not so quickly.

The legislature has not decided who would qualify for more economic stimulus or how much they would get, although we have a good idea if we think another payment could come. There is talk of doing something More Individuals eligible for an additional round of stimulus funds, but also discussions to which future IRS audits could be limited fewer Total people who focus on those who are determined to have the greatest need.

In making these decisions, the Senate and the House of Representatives will consider economic data, which are at best contradictory.

The US economy created 4.8 million jobs in June (PDF), the Department of Labor reported last week in some way as a result of the reopening of every state. However, in the week ending June 27, claims to first-time unemployment insurance were 1.42 million (PDF). This was the 15th consecutive week that people were applying for unemployment benefits for the first time – a sign that the US job market is still declining.

And with Corona virus rates are now increasing in the United StatesThe governors are closing deals they were only allowed to open weeks earlier and are threatening to create new jobs.

Here we tell you everything we’ve heard so far about who may or may not be entitled to an additional payment for economic impact. The situation and this story are often updated.


Not everyone is entitled to a payment under the current proposal.

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Who still receives a stimulus payment? The big picture

We won’t know until another rescue bill is officially released, but we can put together a few parts to get a feel for the possibilities. For example, the Mayor’s Heroes Act (PDF) provides individuals, families, and categories that were skipped on the first stimulus test (scroll down to see the list of exclusions), including most college students and people, who are not US citizens.

But the Heroes Act was violently rejected by the Senate and President Donald Trump, who called him DOA. At the other end of the spectrum, Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell said that the focus will be narrow if his chamber passes another bailout law that includes more stimulus checks.

Some suggest that a second stimulus payment should target people who are most needed. This would mean that far fewer people would receive a check or bank account deposit from the IRS.

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Haven’t you received your stimulus check yet? Let’s follow …


There are no confirmed details yet. At the moment, here are some possible scenarios for those who may or may not be eligible, based on the Heroes Act and comments from the leaders of the White House and Senate. Think of this speculatively and not as a fact. Here you can find additional information about the suggestions and how much money you could get.

Who could possibly qualify for a broad second stimulus payment?

  • Individuals who have earned less than $ 99,000 based on their gross adjusted income from their 2018 or 2019 taxes, whichever was most recent.
  • College students, relatives over 17, disabled relatives and taxpayer parents.
  • Families with up to five people.
  • SSDI receiver
  • Individuals who are not US citizens and file tax returns, pay taxes, and otherwise comply with federal tax law use an individual tax identification number (ITIN) instead of a social security number.

Who may not be entitled to a second payment?

Based on speculation, there are various ways in which an exclusion from a possible second stimulus test could affect.

Nobody qualifies: An economic stimulus package could be signed that offers companies tax credits and other incentives. It is possible that some people will receive travel or food credit but not a check.

People who make “too much” money: If another round of stimulus payments is successful, but allocations for IRS payments are lower, a lower maximum annual income (AGI on the tax form) may be allowed. In other words, individuals who earn more than a certain amount (less than the current $ 99,000 limit for individuals) could potentially be excluded from a second round.

Transmission exclusions from the current CARES law: Young people between the ages of 18 and 24, people who are not US citizens but pay taxes, people who are imprisoned.

President Donald Trump

President Trump has expressed interest in a second round of controls in 2020.

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Who is not entitled to the first stimulus check?

Let’s check who was excluded in the first round.

  • A single taxpayer with adjusted gross income of over $ 99,000
  • A head of household with an AGI over $ 136,500
  • A couple with an AGI over $ 198,000
  • Children over 16 and students under 24
  • A non-resident alien as defined by the U.S. government

When will we learn more about qualification for stimulus testing?

We won’t know anything safe until a stimulus calculation comes into focus. You can read more about the suspected timeline hereBut generally we know the following.

McConnell has said several times, most recently on June 30, whether the Senate is starting to work on a second package. it will be this month. To fit McConnell’s schedule, lawmakers must take several longer breaks when the Senate is not in session: a scheduled two-week break from July 3rd to 17th and a break from August 10th to September 7th.

We know about that for more Main proposals for a second stimulus package. We also have information on unemployment insurance, What can you do if you lose your job? and What do you need to know about evictions?.

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