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Second West Nile virus infection confirmed in Miami-Dade

Florida health officials confirmed the second West Nile Virus (WNV) case in Miami-Dade County on Wednesday.

According to the Miami Herald, it has been confirmed that a resident has infected the virus through a local transmission. It is the second case for the county in 2020, according to the Miami Herald.

According to an official statement, the county health department reported a mosquito-borne disease alert on May 9 after the first confirmed WNV case of the year.

Because of the lack of preventable vaccines or medications to treat the virus, WNV is considered the leading cause of mosquito-borne diseases in the continental United States.

The department warned most people infected with the virus that they were not feeling sick, adding that about 1

in 5 people have symptoms such as pain, headache, fever, and fatigue, which are usually between 2 and 14 days after an infected mosquito bite occur.

Less than one percent of those infected can develop a serious and sometimes fatal disease. People over the age of 60 or people with a weakened immune system are at an increased risk of serious diseases.

The Health Department urges residents to follow the “Drain and Cover” personal protection measures and to remind people to drain objects or areas where standing pools can accumulate to prevent mosquitoes from getting around of residential buildings.

The “cover” element reminds the residents to cover their skin with long sleeves, pants and high socks and to apply mosquito repellent to the bare skin.

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