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Security risk cuts in Fiji

The Duchess of Sussex whispered to an adviser just minutes before she was ripped out of a Fijian market for a "security risk."

She visited the Suva Municipal Market to take a tour that was swamped by huge crowds hoping to catch a glimpse of her.

Meghan Markle spent only six minutes of her scheduled 20 minutes in the market to meet only a handful of people before she swept away.

An onlooker claimed the pregnant queen appeared "worried" when she entered the "hot and humid" market.

"When she came to the market, she looked really uninvolved, not her usual self," they told the British newspaper The Mirror.

"She stopped at one of the stalls to talk to a pineapple seller and had a very blank and uninvolved expression on her face that is very similar to her.

" It was very hot and humid there So maybe it was not the best environment for a pregnant woman.

"After talking for about a minute, she stopped and talked to the same counselor again before she left the market very soon."

Vegetable seller Asenaca Salusalu was the first seller to meet Meghan in the market.

"She did not really talk as if she was a bit scared, she just said" Bula "and" Nice to meet you. "But I'm happy to have met her," said Ms. Salusalu to the Sun.

Pictures showed members of the security team and local authorities who were nervous as they quickly brought Meghan out.

The Duchess gave her fans an apologetic wave as she was led out and brushed the edge off her face

Kensington Palace later claimed that Meghan's sudden exit was due to a "security risk."

Thousands of Fijians have been on the street all day, and many reportedly climbed on roofs of buildings to get a better view of the crowds, but they did not seem out of control.

A particularly heartwarming video showed a large group of locals who were so excited that they sang together.

The crowd of excited fans would only have contributed to the heat and humidity in Fiji, what might have been part of the decision.
Sellers sold watermelons, pineapples and other fruits in the market, as well as crafts and fans.

The market visit was the last item on Meghan's agenda, giving her and Prince Harry a rare afternoon off.


Prince Harry had a sweet exchange with a Fijian, his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth serving tea for more than 60 years

Litiana Vulaca, 86, was lucky enough to greet the Duke when he revealed a dedication to the Colo-i-Suva forest.

The great-grandmother had waited impatiently to meet the Duke ever since

After The Fiji Times she was asked to serve tea to the Queen while she worked for Adi Cakobau School Director Frances Lillian Charlton in 1949 ,

I could not believe my ears when Mrs. Charlton told me and was a little upset first, "she said." Since I was only 21, I thought I was too young for such an important job, so I asked if one of the teachers could do it instead. "

Over the next two weeks, she received a specific education in royal etiquette, ranging from attitudes to eye contact with the correct attitude in serving the queen's tea.

She said it was an honor to meet Prince Harry on this trip.

"I will not stand because of my knees, so I asked to sit in a chair when I meet Prince Harry," she said.

"I intend to take a picture of Mrs. Charlton and the Queen, whom I took shortly after tea. I hope to tell him about my rare and brief encounter with the Queen when she first came to Fiji.

"I am just an ordinary woman from Naitasiri, but a royal wedding is a gift, and I thank God for this opportunity." It is an honor – I will go to the grave and for the rest of my life always with children, Sharing grandchildren and great-grandchildren. "


No matter how excited adults become when they see the royal couple, they usually try to keep their emotions in check.

But children are a different story altogether.

A young royals fan in Fiji was immediately caught and wrapped her arms around the Duchess and hugged her pregnant belly.

The fan then took a cheeky little Duchess's grip:

Meghan showed her maternal instinct as she smiled down on the excited fan, obviously in a hurry to move forward. [19659003] The locals picked up on that funny little moment their smartphones, as other young fans with signs taken in the hope to cuddle up with the pregnant princess.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex arrived at the University of the South Pacific in Suva this morning

Meghan came in a colorful pink figue dress with a blue and white floral pattern for the tropical nation. She wore black and beige platform boots with a matching clutch and had tropical flowers tied back in her hair.

The duchess's baby bump was proud of the display as she strolled across the red carpet to greet the excitedly attracted locals' streets in Suva.

Prince Harry wore a casual look at the island, wearing a blue short-sleeved shirt, dark chinos, and brown boots.

The couple arrived on the island yesterday afternoon where they were greeted by thousands of royal fans


The Duchess of Sussex delivered a penetrating speech on the Importance of Education and the Empowerment of Women in Fiji

The University of the South Pacific, Meghan revealed her own struggle to finance her way through the university.

"It was through scholarships, financial aid programs and work study where my income from a job on campus went straight to my Tuit I could attend university," she told the crowd. "And – no question – it was worth every effort."

She stressed the importance of educating women and said: "Everyone should be given the opportunity to receive the education they desire but, more importantly, receive the education they are entitled to, for women and girls in developing countries

"Giving them access to education is the key to economic and social development. Because when girls are given the right tools to succeed, they can create incredible future prospects, not only for themselves but for their fellow human beings as well.

This marked Meghan's first official speech on the tour and her second speech ever as the Duchess, after her cookbook launch in London.

Last night, Meghan Hollywood glamor trickled into a full-length capped blue gown at a state banquet Harry, clutching her growing baby bump as she met with the President of Fiji and other officials 19659003] The couple is due to return to Sydney on Friday afternoon


A war veteran's widow unveiled the incredible reaction of Prince Harry following the palestialist's attempt

Invictus Games Ambassador Gwen Cherne, whose husband Peter Cafe served in Cambodia, Afghanistan and Iraq before leaving early took the life of the year, was photographed in a hug th the Duke of Sussex during his Sydney Harbor Bridge climb last Friday. 19659003] The mother of three – who was one of the select few to accompany Harry on the rise told People magazine that the couple was talking about "grief and loss" before Adjutants tried to interrupt and hurry him.

But Harry did not, just told them, "I'm in the middle of a conversation, and I'm not leaving."

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"It was him No matter what the agenda was, he took time to talk and he was really adorable – we talked about real issues, "said Ms. Cherne, 41, to news.au.au

" He was comfortable and calm had thoughtful conversations while we went up – it was really relaxing. "

She also explained to people that they had talked about mental health and" how difficult it still is in our society to talk about grief and ill health Loss and suicide. "

" And how important things like the Invictus Games are to make light and allow people to have those conversations that are great, "she said.

MORE: Meghan's Babybump Grows Suddenly

The Royals have been touring Australia for the Invictus Games, a Harry-run multi-sport event for wounded ex-service personnel currently based in Sydney Gange is [19659003] Ms. Cherne said that Harry and Meghan have created a "beacon of hope and light for so many".

"They touch, they seem that interest in the games, and that lights up their ministry and that shines light on the sacrifices their families make," he said of the publication

"I was humbled by the opportunity To spend this time with (Harry) and grateful for everything he does when he takes his place in the world. "

Prince of Denmark invaded Sydney

First there was Prince Harry and his wife Meghan, now the Invictus Games have another royal jubilation with Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark cheering in his nation's team drawn.

After the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, the Danish prince threw his support behind military veterans at the Sydney Olympic Park games

The prince, the husband of Australian-born royal princess Mary, saw a sitting volleyball game in between on Tuesday night Denmark and Canada

The Prince was portrayed in the picture between the 99-year-old US veterans Steven Melnikoff and Michael Gantich, with a post from the official Invictus Games account, which showed him smiling as he cheered on the teams. [19659003] It's the second day the Prince was spotted to support his national team. The Danish Palace has sent a photo on Instagram by Prince Frederik along with a silver medalist at the Games on Monday.

"His Royal Highness, the Crown Prince of Denmark, was one of the first to congratulate the team when Denmark won a silver medal sailing," the palace said in a caption written in Danish.


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