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See her most beautiful moments of all time – Hollywood Life

Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston will always be Hollywood's favorite couple. And because they are both single again, we've put together a list of our favorite moments before they split up in 2005!

Since Jennifer Aniston 49, her split from her husband Justin Theroux 46, fans are dying to know if they can revive with their ex-husband becomes Brad Pitt 54 (who has recently separated from his wife Angelina Jolie ). It turns out, however, that not only the fans are dying for reunification, since [GeorgeLouise 56 has reportedly set up for the estranged couple Late-Night Hangouts. And though we're not sure if these Hangouts are romantic, we can not help but make a trip into Jen and Brad's past. Looking back, it's hard to understand the obsession. I mean, the actors looked amazing together.

Our favorite moments are of course Jennifer and Brad's many red carpet appearances. After their 2000 wedding in Malibu, the newlyweds celebrated the 52nd Annual Emmy Award in Los Angeles. They could not keep their eyes off or hands, and we still can not get over it. Jennifer looked stunning in a simple red dress, while Brad looked particularly neat in a black suit. Do not you miss them together ?! Not only did they look good, they also beat together. At the annual Golden Globes 2002, Brad rocked a matching black suit, and Jennifer matched his look with a similarly tailored ensemble. They were lovingly photographed and stared each other in the eye, and we knew they were in it in the long run!

They also had some pretty adorable moments of the red carpet. In 2001

, the famous couple was discovered at the Milan Men's Fashion Week. And instead of rocking the same look, they opted for similar color schemes. Brad was wearing a light brown blazer, and Jen was wearing a fancy taupe top. Nevertheless, we would not mind seeing them together again. Keep it up, George! Look at more of her few moments in the gallery above!

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