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See how the NASA Curiosity Rover digs like a dog in the Martian sand

This impressive track is part of the scientific mission of Curiosity on Mars.

NASA / JPL-Caltech

It does not matter if you're a machine on a distant planet. Sometimes you just feel compelled to play in the sand.

The NASA Curiosity Rover created this beautiful track on October 14th. The Rover can not build sandcastles, but he can use his wheels to explore the planets. [1

9659005] "Yestersol's propulsion purposely went over a mega-pipple (fine-grained pebble with a coarser pebble coating) to create a" scratch "that swirled and split the feature to observe layers or materials inside," the NASA planetary geologist wrote Fred Calef in An Update on the Curiosity Mission Blog This Week.

A Twitter user tweeted a GIF showing the wheel in action as if he intended to bury a bone at that point.

Mars fans know many behaviors of the rover, including drilling selfies and close-ups investigations of interesting objects . The abrasion of the soil is rarer. This action is carried out "very deliberately and carefully," said Keri Bean, member of the Curiosity team on Twitter

. The curiosity takes a closer look at both the disturbed soil and the sand around it. The rover will also examine the chemical composition of this location and take snapshots of its surroundings.

Rover's Aluminum Wheels suffered a blow on the Rocky Red Planet but they withstand. This successful attrition testifies to the strength of the wheels and the ability of the Rover team to sensitively control a machine so far away on Mars.

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