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See if you qualify for the $ 125 Equifax privacy breach at WBNS-10TV Columbus, Ohio

First things first: Before you start spending the extra money in your head, you should find out if you are one of the estimated 147 million Americans entitled to nearly 425 in 2017 due to the massive data breach by Equifax in 2017 Have millions of dollars. [19659002] The credit bureau approved this week to pay $ 700 million for claims related to the hack that occurred after Equifax botched a software update, and up to $ 425 million of the total amount can be claimed directly from consumers be made.

part is pretty simple. All you have to do is enter your last name and the last six digits of your social security number on a website operated by the payroll manager (not Equifax). If you have learned that your personal information has been affected by the theft, you can file a lawsuit and make it relatively easy. You can claim for damages and upload all receipts online at https://www.equifaxbreachsettlement.com/

If you wish to send your request via e-mail, you can download a certain form and print out the completed form and submit it to:

Equifax Data Breach Settlement Administrator
c / o JND Legal Administration
PO Box 91

Seattle, WA 98111-9418

Please note that claims for minors on May 13, 2017, must use this form and be sent by mail.

How much do you get?

Consumers affected by the data protection breach are entitled to free monitoring of their credit reports for up to 10 years. You can also sign up for Experian's free surveillance services for at least four years. If you already have credit monitoring, you can claim up to $ 125 in cash.

Persons Harmed The Cybertheft may also claim up to $ 20,000 in cash to compensate for the costs associated with the breach. These include fees for freezing or withdrawing credit reports and credit monitoring services. Losses from unauthorized charges on accounts; and all payments to lawyers and / or accountants.

It may take up to 20 hours to process the violation. The good news is that no backup documents are required and you will receive compensation for the time you spend trying to recover (or primarily avoid) identity theft. – More than that, and you'll need documents to cover your extra time spent.)

The billing site has a page with answers to frequently asked questions, from basics such as billing to the time it might take Until your billing is completed money (the process may take several months or more.)

The period for filing claims ends for most benefits on January 22, 2020, and you will not receive anything until the Settlement Administrator approves a court – that would be at the earliest 23 January 2020.

Would you like to keep track? Just sign up for e-mail notifications from the FTC or call (833) 759-2982 for updates.

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