Mega Drive Mini

Last September, Sega decided to postpone the release of the Mega Drive Mini / Genesis Mini Response to the announcement here in the West was bigger than expected. The company also explained how it wanted to provide fans with a high level of quality and added proven Japanese developers.

Sega has now announced that the system will be launched worldwide on September 1

9th. The price is 6,980 yen (about 70 USD) or 8,980 yen (about 90 USD), if two controllers are desired. The device will contain a total of 40 titles, of which the first 10 are now confirmed for Japan (thanks Gematsu). It is expected that the library of games for North America and Europe will be slightly different, and it has been revealed that the talented M2 team has been working on the software.

  Sega Mega Drive Games IMG

More information about The system will be shared on April 18 during a Famitsu livestream.

Will you purchase a Sega Mini System in September? Tell us in the comments.

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