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Segway introduces the Drift W1 New Age Rollerblades

If you thought that Heelys (those sneakers on wheels that every teenage teenager in the United States was fussing about) weird, maybe you should sit down. Segway is here to prove that when it comes to weird transportation methods, it's the top dog. Meet the new Segway Drift W1s. They are self balancing roller shoes and can be compared to a hoverboard that only lives on your foot. Well, I think it's technically two halves of a hoverboard that live on each foot.

The Drift W1

s are apparently the first product in the company's new e-skates category and use the self-balancing Segway technology in the original Segway scooter – you know, the thing that made users lean in the direction in which they wanted to travel.

These new shoes are in some ways a 21st century response to roller skates and in-line skating. It feels a bit like Segway trying to repair something that was not broken at first. However, the company, which was acquired by Ninebot in 2015, calls its Drift W1s the new trend of 2018.

"The new Segway Drift W1 brings all the fun and coolness you expect from Segway's consumer products line with the high-quality technology that consumers expect from the Segway brand, "the company said in a statement. The skates seem easy to wear, lightweight and relatively small. Based on the pictures and videos we've seen, it looks like every drift W1 fits just under your foot, so you do not have too much room for mistakes (or experiments).

The tires are said to improve stability Thanks to the non-slip floor mats, you should at least be relatively safe when stepping on the W1s. Of course, it will probably take a while for you to get used to this new-age method of transportation, so we would not recommend running around on these W1s without protective gear.

Apparently, Segway agrees, and if you buy a pair of these shoes things, you get a free helmet. It seems reasonable.

A pair of Drift W1 returns you to under $ 400, and shipping is expected to begin in August. Each W1 weighs about 7.7 pounds and will take you up to 7.5 miles per hour. The total travel time depends on driving style and terrain, but Segway says you can expect 45 minutes of fun per charge.

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