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Selena Gomez drops you to love me, the fans convinced themselves. It's about Justin Bieber

The moment Selena Gomez dropped new music on Tuesday evening, her fans began to disassemble her to find out the meaning, and they think she had cracked "Lose You to Love Me."

It seems to be around Justin Bieber .

The song describes a venomous relationship that the narrator (from whom the fans assume she is Selena) Selena (herself) manages to overcome, to get through and feel stronger than ever.

In perhaps the most specific line of the song, Selena sings: "In two months you have replaced us as if it were easy." This was enough to convince her fans that she referred to Justin's passing from her to Hailey Baldwin whom he later married.

But they were not content to stop with actually specific content. At another point, she sings: "light my intention and I'll let it burn." Well, Justin released an album in 201

5 entitled "Purpose". Seems a bit too long? Obviously, you did not see Stan at work.

When it comes to Justin, these are some pretty harsh words. The song begins with wild lines like "Put fire in my forest / And you make it burn / Sang off-key in my chorus / Because it was not yours" and "You went on a journey" / When it was not … 39; t yours. "

Selena and Justin have had a stormy and turbulent history in the limelight, which began in early 2011, when they first declared themselves as a couple at an Oscar party, after a very public romance Selena called it layoffs in 2012, but apparently she just could not quit him forever.

It was rumored that they were together again in 2013, but Justin did not return until the following year I would confirm that the on and off switching was on again but at the end of the year She turned away and Justin was quickly spotted hanging around with Hailey, even though he denied any romance in of this relationship … at least not yet.

The couple joined other people in the following years but remains linked to cryptic encounters and the simple desire of fans to find a way to find out – and after Selena's breakup with The Week And it looked like reconciliation was at stake when they spent more time together in public.

In truth, in recent years, they have never been officially operational again, so there may not have been any toxic events relationship to reference and certainly no "two months" of time for him to replace them. But do not tell that to Stans.

They have been delivering this pair for a decade, and now that Justin has been withdrawn from the market and married to Hailey, this may just be the kind of therapy they need to allow themselves and Selena to continue. And when it comes to Justin, Selena apparently also needed a music therapy.

Take a look at the clip above and see if you believe that Selena sings about anyone. She certainly gives a passionate and personal performance in the stark and powerful black and white images.

Then look how their fans interpret the new track below. She was even loved by Taylor Swift, who praised the song in her Intagrams stories and wrote, "This song is a perfect expression of healing and my absolute favorite song that has brought it out yet."

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