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Sen. Mitt Romney of Utah says America has become an "asylum magnet" for an overwhelming influx of immigrants

"We see unaccompanied young people and families with children pouring into the border, and they say the magic word," Seeking asylum, "Romney said in NBC's" Meet the Press. "They've just been turned into our land – 125,000 of them this year, the system is overwhelming, we need to be able to deal with it. "

Romney resigned to the question of the president's various proposals and threats ̵

1; to close the border, shut down aid to Central America and impose punitive tariffs

He said the congressional Republicans and Democrats would have to meet "generally with the presidential leadership" to "deal with this asylum." This problem really overcomes our system. "

Romney did not make any suggestions, just repeated that the boundary wall – he called it a fence – needs to be completed and the country must be more reliable in general E-Verify system for the review accepted by workers.

While immigration is not a partisan affair, he said, "This is, I think, a convincing topic for the Republicans and above all a successful topic for the Americans. … The President has tapped into something that people deeply feel.

In health care, many Republicans have been alarmed and annoyed that Trump has recently resumed the debate over the abrogation of the Affordable Care Act after health care has proved a lost topic. The GOP in the midterm elections.

Romney said he was a supporter of the lifting of Obamacare on Sunday, but only as Washington seeks a replacement plan based on a stronger state-to-state partnership.

He had few details and said: a number of senators are working on such a plan.

"I think the Republicans see a federal partnership, in which the federal government sets the parameters and the states more flexibility is granted I believe that a federal state partnership is a much smarter way.

Romney, a former Massachusetts governor, showed some confusion about what the legislature was doing in its state of Utah when it replaced the voter-approved proposal 3 with its SB96.

"The legislature in Utah said:" If we want to increase our Medicaid population, we will only do so as long as the federal government spends 90% of the bill. But if the federal government tries to reduce this figure by 90%, we as legislators do not want to reverse the bill. "I think it's a reasonable position that the legislature has taken."

Prop 3 would have qualified for the entire 90% match from day one. The provisions of the initiative would be implemented by the state only if the requested waiver of the state is rejected.

Stacy Stanford, an analyst with the Utah Health Policy Project, said Romney clearly had "the facts wrong."

"Instead, the state only expanded in the event of a 90/90 covenant odds," she explained. "They've just been given permission to volunteer and pay three times as many (70/30) to half the people [19659002] Stanford lamented the new coverage gaps where "far too many Utahns fall through the gaps" and could lead to costly litigation.

On another topic, Romney criticized the Democrats rather than their president making his tax returns public.

"I want the president to make and file his tax return," said Romney, who loudly demanded that, according to the 2016 presidential campaign. "But I have to say it too. I think Democrats just play g in their manual. To prosecute its tax returns through legislative measures is feeble-minded. That will not happen. "

Romney said there were areas where Trump disapproved, citing tariffs on steel and aluminum. However, he had nothing but praise for his tax measures and reduced regulations.

Moderator Chuck Todd suggested Trump and Romney could represent the two views of conservatism in the party, and he asked

Romney did not want to say anything about it, he could challenge Trump.

"Whether there is a Primary or not, time will tell," said Romney. "But parties are usually good if there is a primary server."

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