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Senate panel postpones William Barr's confirmation vote amid concerns of Democrats

A planned vote by the Senate Judiciary Committee over the appointment of William P. Barr as Attorney General was delayed by one week as Democrats continue to express concern over whether Special Prosecutor Robert S. Mueller III will terminate his investigation will fully publicize the findings ,

The delay common to high-profile nominations will not result in Barr ultimately having the chance to be ratified by the entire Senate. However, it is the latest reflection of the deep bias in the party around Barr's nomination, in which the Democrats are primarily aiming to protect Mueller's trial from undue constraints.

The committee postponed its vote on Barr as one of over 40 jury nominations On Tuesday it was to be voted, but decided to delay until the next meeting.

In his public statement and his written answers to the questions of Senators Barr has repeatedly refused to give the Senators any firm guarantee to make Mueller's report freely available to Congress and the public. Similarly, he only pledged to demand, but not necessarily pay attention to, the Council of Public Prosecution's Council of Public Prosecutor's advice on whether to withdraw from the probe's supervision.

This has particularly frustrated the Democrats, who are making a Memo Barr from last year, arguing that Muller, in reviewing the actions of the Trump campaign, seemed to interpret an obstacle to the prohibition of justice as too broad. Democrats fear that the memo is evidence for Barr, run by President George H.W. served as Attorney General. Bush in the early 1990s might try to narrow the scope of Mueller's investigation.

Although Barr has said he often deals with issues of the day as a former Attorney General, he confirmed in writing to the legislators. I could not recall another case in which he sent such a memo to the Department of Justice.

When he returns to his former post of Attorney General, Barr has met privately with more Senate Republicans than Democrats. However, it is unclear whether he could change the Democrats in further sessions, as the Democrats who met with him behind closed doors said they were still dissatisfied with Barr's answers to Müller.

But Barr does not need Democratic support to be confirmed. Due to amendments to the statutes passed by the Democratic Party Senate in 2013, only a simple majority of senatorial votes is required to confirm a cabinet nominee.

However, the Judiciary Committee vote delayed the election of Barr before Acting Attorney General Matthew G. Whitaker is expected to attend Capitol Hill on February 8 to answer questions from the House Judiciary Committee regarding his oversight of the Mueller probe.

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