Vermont's Senator Bernie Sanders announces his entry into the 2020 Democratic field for presidency.

WASHINGTON – Senator Bernie Sanders signed a pledge required under the new Democratic National Committee rules. He said he was a Democrat and, if elected, would serve as President, according to media reports.

Sanders, an Independent Representative from Vermont, is one of more than a dozen candidates who have submitted a presidential application or announced a White House White House Investigation Committee. He signed the pledge to sign for all 2020 candidates, according to a copy received from NBC News.

"I am a member of the Democratic Party," reads the document signed by Sanders. "I will lead a Democrat accept the nomination of my party and I will serve as a Democrat if elected."


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The document The DNC also has the power to determine if a candidate is actually a "true democrat", stating that the Committee would examine the files, writings and achievements of the candidate.

The new DNC rule is part of a number of changes within the organization.

Partially canceled in response to Sanders' presidential campaign in 2016, which he lost to Hillary Clinton. Sanders ran as a Democrat, but was a longtime independent and self-described democratic socialist. Some Democrats had worried during the first fight that Sanders could stand as an Independent if he lost to Clinton, which Sanders did not.

There was also the question of whether Sanders should qualify for the primaries since he was registered as a Democrat.

Sanders speaks with Democrats, but is still running as an independent office, even on Monday, when Sanders has applied after NBC News again for his Senate seat in 2024.

Since the 2016 race, the DNC has also reduced the role of superdelegates in the presidential proposals for which Sanders and his followers recovered.

The change came after complaints about the incredible influence of inmates on the primary process. Superdelegates announcing support for Clinton gave her an early head start in preschool, and her role was a controversial issue for Sanders' backers.


Just one day after announcing his election proposal for 2020, Bernie Sanders predicts that the election reports will raise funds. Justin Kircher from Veuer has the story.

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