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Senators present bill to request publication of a special legal report

"A Special Counsel is only appointed in very rare cases, causing grave breaches of public trust. The public has a right and needs to know the facts about such betrayals of public trust, "Blumenthal said in a statement Special Counsel Probe.

" I was encouraged to hear that Attorney General Attorney William Barr's Advocate's High Level Transparency He may be allowed to quit his job, "Grassley added.

Mueller or another special lawyer would have to give up the report within two weeks and" all the factual findings and underpinning According to legislation, an unclassified version would be published by law.

The demand for a public report comes after Barr was repeatedly asked if he would allow Müller to publish his findings publicly.

Barr explains told the members of the Judiciary Committee that his "intention" was to release as much of Müller's findings as he could in accordance with the law. He failed, however, with the commitment to fully publish the report.

"My goal will be to ensure as much transparency as possible, in line with the law," Barr told MPs. "I can assure you that where judgments are made, I will make those judgments only on the basis of the law and I will not allow personal, political or other inappropriate interests to influence my decision."

Under Justice Department guidelines, a special lawyer sends a confidential report to the Attorney General, in which he explains "the decisions taken on the prosecution or declination" during an investigation.

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