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"Send it back!" Singing shows Trump's ugly plan to be re-elected

The songs of "Send them back!" Somalia-born US Representative Ilhan Omar of Minnesota, one of four minority legislators targeted by Trump over the weekend. The abuser from the crowd replaced the "lock up!" and "Build the wall!" Chants of Trump's first campaign with an irritating racial refrain, which the Commander-in-Chief, speaking behind a podium with the president's symbolic seal, undertook to stop.

"They do not love our country, they are angry," said Trump, denouncing the group as "hateful extremists."

"If they do not like it, let them go, let them go," said Trump.

Other presidents, such as Richard Nixon, have used veiled racist messages in elections. But there is no modern equivalent to a US president who so openly promotes racial and tribal differences in the campaign to consolidate his own power.

"We had racist presidents," CNN presidential historian Timothy Naftali told "Anderson" Cooper 360. "

" But they did not express their racism as head of state, as did Donald Trump through his actions ̵

1; most importantly Tweets the other day – and how he reacted to Charlottesville – as President Trump did.

Democratic presidential candidates responded to the threatening scenes by showing why Trump must be removed from office.

"It's mean. It is cowardly. It's xenophobic. It is racist. It pollutes the office of President " Californian Senator Kamala Harris wrote on Twitter.
Former Vice President Joe Biden tweeted :" Mr. President, I'm here to give you this say. This is OUR country The United States of America I never understand what makes us strong. "
The President was on the trail for the first time since he tried to turn the congress women's group into a colored group that is right for most liberals and in some cases the color has its own history of inflammatory rhetoric – a deputy to the entire Democratic Party.

The showdown reveals the key issue of the 2020 election campaign. Willingness's Trump's willingness, racist grievances, harsh immigration comments, and rhetorical attacks on non-white opponents that have contributed to his largely white base Or will the tactic help him displace some temperate suburban voters in cities like Philadelphia, Detroit, and Milwaukee, which he needs to re-establish by 2020.

Or will the tactic help him? a similar narrow path to victory free and while it's likely to tighten Trump's base Will such an approach trigger a record-breaking democratic turnout?

  Trump makes 13 false claims in Cabinet meeting


The results of the 2018 midterm elections suggest that Trump's burning immigration rhetoric has worked in deep red Republican states. But it failed elsewhere when the Republicans lost the house. According to CNN exit surveys, only 23% of respondents who voted democratically stated that immigration was their biggest concern. And the healthcare system Democrats supported was the dominant theme of choice and 41% of voters.

Although the interim votes were a referendum on Trump, he was not on the ballot – a factor That means that the lessons of 2018 can not simply be carried over to 2020.

And there is another variable for the year 2020 that could be crucial: Hillary Clinton will not be involved. The Democratic candidate was an extremely polarizing force as she carried both her own immense political baggage and that of a pair of two Democratic presidents – Bill Clinton and Barack Obama – on her back.

The president lost the referendum and only the three pivotal swing states – Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin – with fewer than 100,000 votes in total. A less controversial Democratic candidate would make Trump's way back to the White House even tighter – a fact that explains his need to upset his adversary with a potentially toxic, polarizing campaign.

Trump's Strategy

Often Trump's political moves are impulsive. However, the experience of recent years shows that the President also has a devilish sense of his own political interests.

For any other Commander-in-Chief, a reputation as a racist would not only raise issues of political viability, he would historically be a legacy stain. But Trump is by no means ashamed, but pleased with the strategic performance of The Squad, which he sees working 16 months after Election Day on several levels.

"I think I won the political fight, I think I'll win a lot," Trump told reporters Wednesday.

"I believe they do not represent the views of our country, the four congressional women."

Aides told CNN that the president was going to continue pushing with the extreme tone of the last few days. He believes that by compelling party leaders to assemble "the troupe," he gives the impression that all the Democrats have succumbed to radicalism, which puts women far to the left of most Americans.

Let the "socialist" positions on health care, climate change and taxation scare off you, bringing the Democratic candidate into conflict with the party's most radical elements, raising their doubts about the president.

Trump's campaign against the cadre occurs as the pro-Trump media call their best-known member, MP Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez – whom he calls "Cortez" because "I do not have time to go by three different names" – as a new hatred figure for conservatives.

Polls show she's a tempting opponent for Trump.

In a Quinnipiac University national poll in March, the New York legislature received an approval rating of 23%. It polled 2% of Republicans and only 20% of independent voters.

However, some Republicans argue that Trump could have achieved his goals without using a specifically racist language against the women who turned the episode into a four-day firestorm in Washington by Democrats attacking Trump's behavior and character.

"I thought it was under the dignity of the office, and frankly I thought, why do you want to get into this fight?" said Bob Vander Plaats, an evangelical conservative leader from Iowa.

"It was like a dispute between the parties, and he stepped in," said Vander Plaats, president and CEO of The Family Leader, to Brianna Keilar of CNN.

Trump's next step

  Trump sees political victory in racist shocks that also surprised aides

Trump's decision to rationalize rather than deny his racist approach points to a grimmer aspect of his strategy.

Of the members of the squad, Ocasio-Cortez is of Spanish descent, Omar is a Muslim born in Somalia, Rashida Tlaib is also Muslim and Ayanna Pressley is black. All are US citizens, three were born in America.

Together, they epitomize the diverse, multiracial and growing ethnic demographic flood that has long been Trump's entire political approach as an existential threat to traditional white America. He draws most of his support.

Only by putting the troupe in the limelight, Trump presents his "Make America Great Again" basis with expressive images. By branding their calls for reform as unpatriotic revolts against American values ​​and saying they should "leave" the country if they do not like it, Trump sends the most obvious racist signals of a president for decades.

All democrats hostage to such influences. The next step in Trump's strategy will be to tie her to the later candidate and define him as similarly extreme.

This is a campaign plan born of necessity and inclination.

Trump's frequent appearance of racial prejudice in the past suggests that his goal of meeting the four women reflects his true impetus as well as a transactional strategy racism series. An interview by CNN's Randy Kaye with female Trump supporters in Dallas summarized the consistency of Trump's base and her acceptance of his message about Ocasio-Cortez and her colleagues.

"He said that if they hate America so much because what we" look out of them and hear out of them, they hate America, "said Dena Miller, one of the women." If it is so bad there it's a lot of places they can go to. "

The President's reluctance to extend his support while in office means that his only hope for a second term is a tighter base election in the same post-industrial transition that he won in 2016.

A ratification rate that has never reached 50% in most polls and is in the historic danger zone for presidents seeking a second term means that Trump is likely to hold a referendum on his term of office So he has to negatively define and then annihilate his opponent.

The strong economy is unlikely to save him, either, as his approval rating on this issue and de Overall public perception is a double-digit gap. [19659002] This is not a campaign strategy for Squeamish. It will expose the country to months of accusations and new polarization. It all depends on a president who is unusually lighthearted about his own reputation and has the dark political arts necessary to defile conventional candidates dragged into his gutter.

public discord that may not be controllable and almost certainly damages America's social fabric.

Above all, she calls on Trump to prioritize his own search for power over national harmony.

The President has already shown that he is ticking all the boxes above.

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