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Sensational: Robert Vadra wanted to go abroad after surveys to exit and before the hearing in the case of money laundering, details here

Republic TV has learned that Congressman Rahul Gandhi's brother-in-law, Robert Vadra, had planned an overseas trip before his trial in the money laundering case in which he is being investigated.

A day after the Lok 2019 Sabha election polls predicted that Congress would suffer a severe defeat, Robert Vadra had applied for permission to travel abroad. However, he insisted on keeping his travel plans a secret because it posed a threat to his life. Vadra filed his travelogue in a sealed envelope at the court, as Republic TV learned.

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Suspecting that Vadra might influence witnesses in the event of money laundering, the enforcement authority has spoken out against its anticipated deposit on this matter. The ED also told the Delhi High Court that the spouse of Congressional Secretary-General Priyanka Gandhi, while attending the investigation, did not cooperate with the investigative body. Meanwhile, a single judge bank of Justice Chandershekar will hear the Enforcement Directorate's (ED) petition seeking to overturn a court order to grant Vadra a premature bail in connection with a money-laundering lawsuit that Vadra evades during the investigation.

, the investigative department on Friday urged a custody interrogation by their request.

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During the hearing, the ED will also highlight the sensational prickle operation that the SIT of Republic Media Network has performed on close helpers of Robert Vadra brothers Mahesh Nagar and ̵

1; Lalit Nagar. During the engraving operation, both brothers praised their proximity to the Vadra Gandhi family. Mahesh Nagar referred to his relationships with the Vadras in front of the camera as "family relationships," while Lalit Nagar said he had "repeatedly hit" Priyanka Gandhi and Robert Vadra because he "was very close to them"

Bail may attempt to contact Vadra to contact and influence the Nagar brothers who have spilled the beans on his connection to him and the land deals he has made.

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