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Serena replaces the legend King

London (AFP) – Serena Williams gave a shrewd rebuke to tennis legend Billie Jean King. She said she should focus on tennis and stop behaving like a celebrity and fighting for equality.

King ̵

1; who was no stranger When she started fighting for equality for the players – might feel justified after Williams was sent off on Saturday in the Wimbledon final.

She was beaten 6-2, 6-2 in less than an hour by Simona, who lost to American in nine of the ten previous games.

King had said that managing a business, caring for a child, and fighting for equal rights for women and ethnic minorities could be largely regulated by all of your employees while focusing on tennis for a few years.

The 75-year-old told the BBC at the beginning of the tournament that Williams should stop being a star for a year: "Just stop with all the madness." 19659006] Williams struck back on Saturday.

"The day I stop fighting for equal rights and for people who look like you and me will be the day I'm in my grave," the 37-year-old responded to the question Serena on Twitter: "I would never ask anyone to stop fighting for equal rights."

"In everything she does, Serena sheds light on what we all need to fight to achieve equality for all.

Court, Saturday's blowout was the third time last year that Williams did not seize the opportunity to reach the Grand Slam record of Australian Margaret Court by 24 – her stated goal in returning from the birth of her daughter Olympia.

Angelique Kerber's losses in last year's Wimbledon final and a subsequent collapse in the US Open final against Naomi Osaka, after she claimed to see a therapist, were painful enough.

Nevertheless, Williams declined to She may accept that the record may be missing.

"I do not know," she said. "I mean, I do not really think about it. I just go out and play, see what happens.

"That's how I've been all my career, you know, I've never thought about time in general.

" I feel like I'm really on the path to giving only the best, what I can play and the best I can if I can. "" Wake up! "-

Your lead-free and lethargic performance – it was only properly fueled in the first game of the second set, when she won a point, she made a viewer scream: "Wake up, Serena! "

" Actually, I heard it, "she said," I definitely did not sleep. But I heard it.

"In fact, sometimes the comments help me if they're good or bad, and it did not bother me at all."

Williams, fired by the Royal Box from her close friend Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, She said she did not know if with age she would be more anxious to win another Grand Slam.

"You know, in my 20's – I'll always win, but it's another circumstance for me," she said.

"Seems like I'm playing every grand slam finale Lately, it has been an incredible effort to get there.

" It would be interesting to see how it would be under different circumstances.

"The only thing I can say is that I considered my opponent unbelievable today." 19659025] However, if anyone thought that such a humiliating defeat could lead to a resignation, Williams would have a message for him.

"I still feel incredibly competitive, otherwise I would not really be out here." 19659027] "I feel mostly on the right track.

" I'm just going in the right direction to get back to where I need to be. "

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