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Serious warning for millions of Gmail users

07/04 update below. This entry was originally published on July 2

While Google has dropped some Chrome bombs in the past few weeks, Gmail users have had a harder time. And it got a lot worse.

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Gmail has been picked up by the ever-outstanding Android police force and appears to be suffering from a widespread problem with its email filters, which causes potentially dangerous, exploitative and NSFW messages to be sent directly to users’ inboxes. While Google has recently identified Gmail issues that “affect a significant number of users,” it now lists the service as fully functional when a look at Reddit or Twitter shows that this is far from the case.

“Why are the Gmail spam filters broken ?!” – Source

“Have Gmail’s spam filter and category feature been completely shut down for other users? Now everything goes straight to the primary inbox. ” – Source

“Are the @ gmail spam filters broken? I suddenly had crazy # NSFW spam in my inbox! What’s up with #Gmail? ” – Source

“It is a strange reassuring thing that I can just search for” Gmail “and Twitter immediately provides me with evidence that other people are strangely affected by spam” source

07/04 Update: Google responded to my request and identified the problem and surprisingly pointed out that the spam error was in fact part of a larger problem that resulted in Gmail emails both sending and sending Received delayed. As a result, “some messages were so delayed that they could be delivered without all spam checks being completed.” Most importantly, Google notes that “during this time, malware and scary filtering and the most outrageous spam and malicious content scans were still fully functional.” Google says the problem has now been fixed. However, it’s worth noting that some users are still reporting spam issues in Gmail (1,2nd,3rd,4th,5,6,7 etc.) So you should be careful, both when opening unknown new emails and when running through older messages that may have been received during the main failure.

For tech enthusiasts, a flood of spam that gets into your inbox is a navigation. But everyday users might be surprised by some of the more sophisticated malware and exploitation strategies that these emails can include. Finally, there is a reason why Gmail (usually) works so hard to keep these messages out of your inbox.

I have contacted Google about this and will update the post if I know more.


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