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Seven cool things about the new Lincoln Aviator

L Incoln's newest luxury product is the brand new aviator which is not yet ready for mass production, but will be unveiled in 2019 at the New York International Auto Show. The attractive new model expands the boundaries of the "mid-size" luxury segment, while Lincoln's brand mission produces amazingly beautiful SUVs.

While the aviator shown in New York this week is not the production vehicle, but a "teaser" model intends to "preview the direction Lincoln plans to take" with the production Aviator, showing our time talking to the Lincoln Honchos site this teaser vehicle is a pretty accurate top-level preview Black Label Version of the upcoming aviator

So what do you need to know about the new aviator, a full year (or more) before it comes to customer delivery ? [1


1. It is based on a completely new rear-wheel drive platform. That should lead to a more dynamic driving style on two-wheeler models, not that someone buys a Lincoln SUV to destroy the corners. But based on a rear-wheel drive platform, Lincoln relies on established luxury players like BMW – and may be positioning the brand more than premium brands like Lexus. The aviator will be the first vehicle to be built on the new rear-wheel drive platform, according to Lincoln – but you can bet it will not be the only one. It will feature a twin-turbo engine and a plug-in hybrid option.

In a debut for Lincoln, both the twin-turbo engine and the plug-in hybrid will be in the same package – undoubtedly an expensive and complex decision, but the Lincoln will be at the forefront of the field in terms of advanced powertrain luxury could bring three-row SUVs. [194559002]

3. You can use your phone as a key. That's right, you can not just use your phone to lock / unlock / pre-condition / etc (it will do everything naturally), but also as your actual key fob – like in, leave the physical key at home, and use your phone to unlock, start, and drive the car. When your phone dies, the outer keyboard provides backup input and operating functions. [19759002]

4. It will have Lincoln Suspension Preview Technology on board. It is a system that uses the forward camera to scan the road surface and proactively adjust the suspension settings to minimize the discomfort of bumps, potholes, and other surface irregularities.

5. Full of technical tidbits. There will be a variety of advanced driver assistance technologies that will be combined into a suite called the Lincoln Co-Pilot360. This includes automatic emergency braking with pedestrian detection, tracking, cross traffic warning, blind spot detection and more. [194559002]

6. He can tell you where you are going should go. A feature called "considerate prompts" uses the location of the vehicle and the context of the driver to propose preventive helpful features via the SYNC infotainment display. For example, if the aviator has little fuel, it can display a notification in the instrument panel and send a list of the nearest gas stations to the navigation system so that the driver can choose where to refuel.

7th place for adults. The aviator's three-row seats claim a 95th percentile adult in the second row (approximately 6 "2") and a fallen percentile third row a 90th percentile (approximately 6 "straight). We have not had a chance to test this theory yet, but if that proves to be true, that's a lot more space than most third-row seats available today.

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