Seven tornadoes have now been confirmed by the National Meteorological Service after a severe series of thunderstorms broke through Wisconsin on Tuesday afternoon.

Of those seven, there was a confirmed EF2 tornado, five were confirmed as EF1, and one was a small EF0.

These tornadoes were all confirmed by the Meteorological Service during a damage investigation in Fond du Lac County and northern Dodge County on Wednesday [19659128] RELATED: Lomira, residents of Dundee respond to "relentless" storm at Fond du Lac [194559124] CONNECTIONS: Rebuilding begins after storms and tornadoes tear through Alto, Brandon, Waupun

According to the weather service, an EF0 tornado has wind speeds between 40 and 72 mph and can cause minor damage to trees, signs and chimneys. An EF1 tornado has wind speeds between 73 and 112 miles per hour and will damage roofs, mobile home foundations, trees, moving cars and paved garages. Meanwhile, an EF2 has wind speeds between 113 and 157 miles per hour and can tear down roofs, demolish mobile homes, run over wagons and fell or uproot trees.

Tornado # 1: This EF1 tornado hit Alt at 15:58. and had a maximum wind speed of 100 miles per hour. Several trees were uprooted and overturned, corn rows were flattened, large farmhouses and sheds were damaged or destroyed and masts damaged. The way of the tornado was 1.17 miles.

Tornado # 2: This EF0 Twister hit just south of Oakfield at 4:08. and had a top wind speed of 80 mph. It damaged the roofs of two farm buildings, uprooted trees and caused minor siding and roof damage to a house. The trail was quite small at 0.14 miles.

Tornado # 3: An EF1 Tornado that hit southwest of Byron at 4:09 pm. and had top wind speeds of 100 miles per hour. Minor damage was found in its .92 miles route.

Tornado # 4: This EF2 tornado hit west of Brownsville at 4:11 p. and had 125 mph winds. Details of damage have not yet been released, but the Tornado had a 3.95 mile path.

Tornado # 5: This EF1 tornado was spotted at 4:11 pm in South Byron. and had top wind speeds of 94 mph. His path was 0.15 miles. No claims information has been published.

Tornado # 6: This EF1 tornado was in Brownsville at 16:12. and had a maximum wind speed of 107 mph. This tornado lasted 2.7 miles and has no damage information yet.

Tornado # 7: An EF1 Tornado that hit South Byron at 16:16. and had a maximum wind speed of 90 miles per hour. The way of the tornado was 0.29 miles and no damage information has yet been released.

More surveys are planned for the Fond du Lac, Sheboygan, Green Lake and Marquette districts Thursday and Friday.

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