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Seven wanderers in critical condition, others after flash floods miss the south of Israel – Israel News

Seven hikers from a pre-army preparatory program were seriously injured on Thursday in a flash flood near the Tzafit River in the south of the country.

The seven were part of a group of about 25 who wandered near the river near the Dead Sea. Other members of the group are still missing, and police volunteers and army rescue helicopters are involved in finding them. Eleven members of the group stationed in the center of the country were rescued. Two other people in the area were rescued and suffered from hyperthermia.

Seven seriously injured, others after flashovers near the Dead Sea

The injured were taken to the Soroka Medical Center in Sheva Shepherd.

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On Thursday, a hiker near the Michmash River suffered a fall of ten meters ( 32 feet) fractures and was evacuated in a moderate state.

Stormy Weather in Southern Israel

Due to the strong winds on Thursday, the Masada National Part near the Dead Sea was closed to the public. The brook Barak, further south, was closed to visitors after the floods had damaged the security facilities there. A section of Highway 40 in the south was also closed to traffic.

Two teenagers died in flash floods on Wednesday when Israel had to endure heavy rains and hail.

Israel was hit by unusually heavy rains on Wednesday, accompanied by hail in many places. At the end of the winter rainy season, many Israelis came as a surprise and caused flooding across the country.

A weather forecaster Meteo-Tech said the weather was caused by a large and powerful thundercloud that extends 10 kilometers into the atmosphere. Twenty-five millimeters (one-inch) of rain fell in Tel Aviv within an hour, while the area of ​​Jerusalem was hit by a massive 45 to 50 millimeters (2 inches) of heavy rain.

Two people were killed in the storm – a youthful Bedouin boy swept away by a rising brook to the south, and a Palestinian shepherd girl drowning east of Bethlehem in the West Bank.

The rain is expected to end on Friday night. Temperatures will remain below normal at the end of April. Saturday gets warmer with temperatures reaching seasonal averages. Sunday will be pleasant and warmer.

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