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"Several Thousand" troops are preparing to be stationed at the border, says Shanahan

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                  US troops were stationed at the US-Mexico border for a Thanksgiving meal 2018. Approximately 2,300 active troops will be deployed from 5,900 to the southwestern border in November. | Tamir Kalifa / Getty Images </p>
<p>  The Pentagon is preparing to send "several thousand" more troops to the southern border The Department of Homeland Security, Acting Defense Minister Pat Shanahan said today. </p>
<p>  The military identifies units that will comply with the request and expects to deploy them soon, added Shanahan's spokesman. </p>
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The DHS has asked us to to support them in an additional accordion wire and then to expand the monitoring skills we have responded to, you know, here's How many people would need it to fulfill the request, Shanahan told reporters in the Pentagon toda y.

Asked how many troops would be required to fulfill the last DHS request, Shanahan said, "Several thousand, and I'll keep it by that number somehow."

The military is currently procuring the units, "said Shanahan's spokesman, Lieutenant Colonel Joe Buccino, in a statement," We'll be more clear on the numbers if we have them. "

About 2,300 active Troops are dropped off at the southwestern frontier, 5,900 in November, and the mission has been extended to September 30. This month, some 3,600 active troops returned to their home stations after setting up barriers such as the accordion.

It was not Clearly, if any of the additional troops could come from the National Guard, tariff quota, around 2,200 National Guard personnel are at the border.

All troops have a "support function" for civilian authorities, Shanahan emphasized. "It's not about a law enforcement position

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