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"Shameless" Showrunner John Wells: Where Fiona goes and Ian's return

SPOILER ALERT: This story contains details on Shameless Season 9, final episode "Found" on Showtime.

Emmy Rossum, who shrouds her tenure as Fiona in the Shameless. The season 9 finale was not exactly a shock – the fans knew that their departure was imminent – but it was still rather sad to see them getting on a plane in these final scenes.

Although we are not there yet If they want to know where they will land, Showrunner says John Wells deadline that their goal in season 10 is announced very early and that Fiona does not intend to cut completely from the family , When Wells finds his way, she can even return to the picture for the weird phone call. Their departure also does not announce the beginning of the end of the show, Wells reassures. But below.

The finale began when Fiona placed her much-needed $ 100,000 check under the mattress, just as her dear siblings Debbie and Carl made their way to Kelly's truck. Unfortunately, they triggered the car's alarm as they poured sugar into the fuel tank and misspelled the "Heartbreaker" in spray paint – they could have signed their name.

In the meantime a Frank, who is couched with a couch, yells for Oxys and beer and he leaves bad things in bedpans after his broken leg. After six months to look forward to, Fiona has to crack. Or leave.

  William H. Macy as Frank Gallagher in SHAMELESS

Finally, Lia's absence is noted. Debbie goes to Todd's house to pick him up, and it turns out Liam had asked to live with Todd, only nobody noticed. So far Shameless . He asks her if she has noticed that he is black, points out that she has done nothing to support her cultural and racial heritage, and sends her away with a list of 49 demands that must be met before he comes home.

"Liam decided he was black and he wants us to make a bunch of black sons," she tells Frank.

Then there's Kevin, who is considering a new side gig as Party Jesus. He is hired to attend Messiah-dressed events. "I think that's called worship," says V. But it turns out he's thinking more about "Jesus Stripper." On the other hand, he has finally proven that his sexual abilities are intact. After 47 minutes in bed, she rolls her eyes and tells him, "All good things must come to an end."

Captain Bob's Shrimp Shack saw the great Bob himself drop by to give Carl a leadership position Thank you for protecting the company from robberies. "The sky is the limit," he tells Carl. "You could even end up with your own Winnebago." Obviously, a delighted Carl storms home and starts packing his school uniform to donate goodwill. Enter Debbie who has none of this.

"Fast food is the best it will get for me," he yells at Debbie. He may be right, but Debbie always remembers the role of the mother Fiona has always played (and is about to withdraw). He will not let him fight without a fight. Jeremy Allen White as Lip and William H. Macy as Frank Gallagher in SHAMELESS "width =" 605 "height =" 416 "srcset =" https://pmcdeadline2.files.wordpress.com/2019/03/shameless-group.jpeg ? w = 605 & h = 416 605w, https://pmcdeadline2.files.wordpress.com/2019/03/shameless-group.jpeg?w=1210&h=832 1210w, https://pmcdeadline2.files.wordpress.com/2019 /03/shameless-group.jpeg?w=150&h=103 150w, https://pmcdeadline2.files.wordpress.com/2019/03/shameless-group.jpeg?w=300&h=206 300w, https: // pmcdeadline2 http://pmcdeadline2.files.wordpress.com/2019/03/shameless-group.jpeg?w=1024&h= .files.wordpress.com / 2019/03 704 1024w "Size =" (max-width: 605px) 100vw, 605px "/>

In the meantime, Fiona's $ 2500 fine has been properly settled and time served, with her check in the hand all in the direction of a ship that has given up. " It's time to leave this scumbag of the South Side Hood behind and grow up, "says her lawyer. Well, there you have it.

Fiona visits Ian in jail, which is a nice comeback for favorite fan Cameron Monaghan, whom we'll see more next season. She realizes that she is thinking of moving "somewhere near the equator" and he tells her kindly:

Get out of here as far as possible and never look back, okay?

Then there is the situation between Lippe and Tami. First comes the realization that Tami tested positive for the BRCA-1 gene, increasing the risk of breast cancer that killed her mother. Should you have the baby that awaits you? Who knows, but at least they make it clear that they are not in love. After a romantic connection under a highway overpass, Lip says to her, "I like you and I think we could end up loving each other."

"Still my heart," Debbie replies angrily, then leaves and leaves him stranded.

In the Gallagher neighborhood, Kelly fetches Debbie and asks why she and Carl threw their truck away. "You broke Carl's heart. He may not be able to spell, but he is a human! "Debbie roars and hurts the fact that Kelly has also broken her own heart. She tells Kelly that this rejection has led Carl to leave school to fight for a fast-food future. And next up is probably the best scene in the episode:

At Captain Bob, Carl is just getting a management training session as Kelly's truck screams in the lead. She promptly takes him to the ground, pulls the wrists together and pulls him outside. She screams, "He just stopped."

"Well, that's a woman," says the awesome boss.

In the truck, Kelly Carl kisses, everything is in between and Carl has been thoroughly and happily restored.

In the house, Debbie and Lip pack the Fiona pack. She admits her plans to leave and she and Lip have one last classic Shameless sibling dating. As always with them, so much is left unsaid, and yet their love for each other is palpable.

  Emmy Rossum as Fiona Gallagher in SHAMELESS

"Where to?" He asks.

"Not sure". Says Fiona. "Infant?"

"Who knows," says Lip. "Life, right?"

There are plans for a farewell party, and everyone – except Frank's couch and his new nurse Seamus, who's terribly in the middle of a sponge bath – is off to collect festive supplies. But Fiona wants to sneak out quickly before she changes her mind.

"They invaded and helped, thanks," Frank says reluctantly.

"Helped?" She says. "I did everything Frank." And so the fantastically narcissistic Frank does not appreciate what lies ahead.

  Emmy Rossum as Fiona Gallagher in SHAMELESS

Lip comes home with a farewell dinner, but finds Fiona's room empty. He smiles and shrugs. And the Gallagher show has to go on. Lip and Kevin talk well about the paternity, and Lip wants to deal with Tami and the baby while Debbie finds a check for $ 50,000 from Fiona in the fridge. She looks at her crazy, crazy family who has settled in her house and smiles lovingly. This is certainly the birth of a new Fiona Mom character.

Finally, we see Fiona boarding a plane. We have no idea where she's going, but the goal does not seem to matter, and she's bound to find good things. In the world of Shameless everything is right, at least for now.

As how the family will survive without Fiona, what chaos is expected next season and how long we can assume Shameless persists, John Wells was present to give some answers below to give.

DEADLINE: Where is Fiona going? Probably warm somewhere?

WELLS: Yes, absolutely, and we did not mean to keep it a secret. The episode was about eight minutes too long when I finished it – my mistake, I was writing too much and then had too much fun directing – and so we cut it all off, and in the end there was a conversation between the little girl, it's in the seat next to Fiona, where we find out where Fiona went, and for the time we cut it off, and now it's become a mystery. So we'll reveal it very quickly at the beginning of next season.

DEADLINE: How will the rest of the family find out where they went because they left no mark? Will she call? Send a postcard?

WELLS: Yes. She does not try to lose herself from them. We'll talk to Emmy and see if she wants to make a call for us or anything else, and maybe she's reachable or not, but we will not keep it a secret, and she will not disappear the face of the earth.

DEADLINE: Can the Gallaghers survive without Fiona?

WELLS: I think they can, but I do not think it will be easy. I think they'll find out how much she's done, and be a little bit confused that she's not always there, just like all of us, when we move away from our parents and can not wait, then go out and go: " Oh damn, it's a lot harder than I thought it would be. "

DEADLINE: Is Debbie ready to step into Fiona's shoes? Are we going there?

WELLS: I think she thinks she is, and then she will do what we all do from the rest of it, and then she will learn. Fiona, although she was the older sister, was mother to all, and from the outside, it looks easier than if you actually did. I think we have a lot of fun with it. I think that will give us a wonderful story. Also for lip.

DEADLINE: Do you see that the show keeps going?

WELLS: As a writer, there are more and more stories. The world is constantly changing, which means that there is a lot to satirise and talk about. We want to pretend in America that there is no class system and we are a true meritocracy. And that is absolutely not true, so that reality provides us with a lot of material to work with, not only with what happens in the individual lives of the characters, but also with the world in which they live, In the millions of people living in the United States live in the country and try to work their way out of difficult economic circumstances, just to make it every day, to have fun and to have joy in your life and to ensure that enough food is available on the Table stands. I think the universality of this topic is such that we could do that for a very long time.

DEADLINE: It was great to have Cameron Monaghan as Ian back. How much will we see from him next season?

WELLS: I called him and asked him if he would come back to jail the last episode with Fiona, and he was glad to do it, and when we were out there, we came I said, "You should come back and do something, we miss you," and he said, "Oh, I would consider that." He thought about it a bit, and we had a few other conversations, and he agreed to come back and do something else. This is one of the great things about these ongoing shows, where you can let people come and go the way our lives are, people come in and out of them, our family members, so we're glad he does, do something more ,

DEADLINE: You said you might receive a call from Emmy in the future, but do you hope she's a guest sometimes?

WELLS: I think she will, but you know, I do not know. We have to see what she wants to do. It was nothing but a pleasure to work with her, and she is obviously a very talented actress, but she is also a very talented writer and director and she is interested in exploring other things creatively for herself. I hope when I call her, she will say, "Sure, I'll do it," and if not, I'll fully understand her and still love her.

DEADLINE: Can you say a little bit about what's going on in Season 10?

WELLS: I think the tone will be pretty similar. We like what we do and enjoy it, and as I say there is always something else in the American political system and class system to satirize. So we start banding together and screaming at each other about everything we've hated ever since the last time we saw each other and then see if any of it can be turned into a story

DEADLINE: This moment, in Pulling Kelly Carl out of Captain Bob is so fantastic. In fact, all women are powerful and smart and lead the show. Has that evolved naturally for you?

WELLS: I'll say it's a joke, but I do not mean to joke. That's the way it is. That's how it was when I grew up, and that's how it is now in my life. I appreciate that the women in my life occasionally pretend to me that I'm actually stronger than them, but it's all rubbish. The women in my world are strong, and they have their agency, and they are much more resilient than the men I know. I appreciate how much they are willing to put up with it, and so we have a lot of fun on the show, just to show it. I think families and jobs are held together by women who reject a certain amount of ridiculous male ego because, unluckily, they were trained to do so from childhood. God bless them all.

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