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Shane Bieber rocks while Cleveland's All-Star night rules the local crowd

CLEVELAND – Baseball can slap itself in the face. Even in the hours leading up to the All-Star match on Tuesday, much of the Chatter on Twitter involved former comments by Commissioner Rob Manfred about rejuvenated baseball and Major League Baseball Players Association boss Tony Clark.

Fans are not to blame. Instead of admiring all the young talent in today's game and the amazing ability to fight incredible Pitchers throwing rocket balls at a speed of 98 miles per hour, we too often complain about the absence of bashes and stolen bases or complain about them all Outbreaks.

The discussion is important and necessary. But sometimes it feels as if the criticism turns into an overwhelming narrative about sports. The all-star game is far from perfect. it's not what it used to be, and it does not solve anything if you want it again in 1

972. We understand: Christian Yelich and Cody Bellinger, the two best players in the National League this season, dropped out in the fourth inning.

Nevertheless, after three days in Cleveland, it was clear that the fans here were enjoying all the festivities with enthusiastic zeal that went crazy during the Home Run Derby on Monday and cheered as if it were a playoff game, as the home-based pitcher Shane Bieber won the match in the fifth inning. Everyone in downtown and the stadium was adorned with Indian T-shirts and jerseys – much more support for the team in their hometown than any other All-Star games lately – to remind Clevelanders that visitor numbers are low In the regular season they still support their team passionately.

The Futures Game, Home Run Derby and Midsummer Classic were on Progressive Field in Cleveland. Full coverage »

The American League defeated the National League 4: 3, and few will remember the score. In fact, the most memorable moment of the night was the tribute to Stand Up To Cancer when Indian pitcher Carlos Carrasco joined his four All-Star team-mate and manager Terry Francona on the field. They held up signs saying they were supporting "Cookie" – Carrasco's nickname the crowd was reciting – while Carrasco's sign saying "I'm standing" stood.

It reminds us that baseball is just a tiny little slip-up. The fans are happy, and maybe that's all that matters.

Ten thoughts on a baseball game in Cleveland:

Surprise hero Shane Bieber brings his All-Star Game MVP trophy up. AP Photo / Tony Dejak

1. Bieber's MVP inning: Bieber was not on the original All-Star squad, but the replacement came out on top in the fifth inning, knocking the side out on 19 fields, which shows why he's in breakout season in Cleveland has rotation. He fanned out the Willson Contreras of the Chicago Cubs and looked down on a 2-2 fastball at 95 mph, low and distant. He fanned out Ketel Marte of the Arizona Diamondbacks with a 3: 2 curveball that Marte admired as he greeted Bieber with a thumbs-up gesture. Then Bieber fanned out Atlanta Braves outfielder Ronald Acuna Jr. with a 3-2 victory. Note the order: fastball, curveball, slider. Note Bieber's remarkable story:

"I could not really feel my body because, as I said, the electricity and atmosphere we had, but you did not want either Let cookie over the plate, because these guys are so good and they will take advantage of that, "said Bieber. "I was just trying to fill the zone as much as possible and go out and get three outs, that was the main agenda."

The 1-2-3 inning earned Bieber MVP honors.

"Shane Bieber, he showed them something today," said teammate Francisco Lindor brightly after the game.



Shane Bieber beats Willson Contreras, Ketel Marte and Ronald Acuna Jr. during the fifth inning of the All-Star Game.

. 2 Cheers to Carrasco: The Indian starter has had no bad luck since May 30 when he fought leukemia. The latest reports indicate he is likely to pitch again at the end of July.

Former team-mate Michael Brantley has been in touch with Carrasco since his diagnosis.

I'll fight this and return to the hill, "Brantley said.

Teammate Carlos Santana said the tribute to Stand Up To Cancer was an emotional moment.

Bieber said it was an incredible moment:" Cookie, I've only known him for a year, but I can say with certainty that he's one of the best teammates and best people I've ever met. Only he could turn what he is doing into a positive light and he goes to the Children's Hospital and he spends time with them, and he reverses them on his heels. We are there for him, we love him and we are with him.


0:20 [19659017] Carlos Carrasco, who is being treated for leukemia, competes with his Native American teammates during the All-Star Game Against Cancer.

3. Jose Berrios vs. Javier Baez: This was not a typical all-star match between Players from Different Leagues:

Berrios gave Marte a double lead, zei But then he would end up being a Cy Young contender, depending on the season, when he worked out the jam. He fanned Acuna with a curveball and made Yelich look at a fastball to arrange the showdown with his brother-in-law. Berrios has played in the regular season so far 481 fights and thrown only 26 0-0 change. Of course, he threw Baez a change in the first pitch, which hit him on the flat left field.

Player 6: Microphone: It's an exhibition game, it's fun, it works, and at some point we had Astros Alex Bregman George Springer and Michael Brantley together At another point, Yelich and Bellinger Here's Freddie Freeman in the first inning:

7. Great Ovations for Brantley: Yes, another moment in Cleveland: Brantley was three times All-Star for the Indians before he He received a big ovation during the pre-game introductions and another ovation before his second inning against Clayton Kershaw, when he double-hit the left center to give Bregman the first run of the game to meet.

"That is one of the things I'll always remember at Cleveland, "Brantley said after the game. "They always supported me when I was here, so getting a reception and warm ovation is something very special."

8th Scoreboard Gaffes: OK, it was not all smooth sailing and good humor, as the scoreboard operators Willson Contreras' names had misspelled David Dahl as "Davis Dahl" listed and used Jacob deGrom's photo for Mets team mate Jeff McNeil. [19659002] Infielder / Outfielder McNeil is another great story, a guy who finished ninth in Double-A last year and became All-Star while leading the majors with an average of .349.

McNeil was not very happy about the scoreboard error.

"That can not really happen, I do not think so," he said. "I work so hard to make it an All-Star game, it's one of the things you look at, you know, what's going on, you check everything, but that's what it is, I think . "

2 relatives

Hire an editor, people.

9th All Strikeouts: The pitching staff of the American League ended a nine-inning game with an all-star record of 16 strikeouts – an indication that despite all the attention paid to the Home runs this season also gives some pretty good pitching ratings too.

"It's the all-star game," said McNeil. "I mean, everyone's going to be extremely good and extremely difficult to hit, and most All-Star games are bad, so I'm not surprised."

Brewers catcher Yasmani Grandal offered his hiring. [19659002] "The pitch has changed completely from seven to eight years ago when I started," Grandal said. "I do not think it was any surprise, we also had some good weapons, I think most of these guys have really good weapons and I think our league has some young guns that we'll see in space." Star Game for a very long time.

Reds Starter Luis Castillo is one of those young guys, and he may have had the most impressive inning of the game, fanning out two in his 1-2-3 inning, reaching an average of 98 mph with his fastball and scored seven Swing-and-Misses on 15 pitches, including four on the six exchanges he threw.

10. The AL wins again: When Aroldis Chapman came to the 4-3 lead Closing the AL, the Cleveland fans greeted him with a chorus of boos, yes, he plays for the Yankees – but he played for the Cubs in 2016.

"The fans here are very passionate," Lindor said knew he beat us in the World Series. "

Chapman finished the game with three strikeouts

It was the seventh consecutive win for the AL, for some of us who grew up as the two Leagues hated that would be a big deal, it's not a big one Even if it brings some smile to AL fans.

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