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Shane Dawson will not be able to make money after apologizing for inappropriate content on YouTube

The steps were taken from a video that Dawson released on Friday entitled “Taking Accountability”. During his more than 20-minute runtime, he apologizes for a career with objectionable content, including but not limited to wearing black face, using racist insults, insulting people with disabilities, joking about pedophilia, and hypothetically speaking about the murder of a woman.

“I should lose everything,” he said in the video. “I put so much hate online.”


Dawson became one of the platform’s original and most popular stars after joining YouTube in 2008. For a long time, he was a controversial figure known for her comedy, which he compared to that of Radio Shock Jocks.

According to YouTube, the suspension of Dawson’s ability to include ads on his channels is perpetual and came after a review of his actions on and off the platform.

A spokesman for Target said, “We are committed to creating an experience where all guests feel welcome and respected. We are in the process of removing these books from our range.” When asked why the decision was made now, The spokesman declined to comment, although much of Dawson’s content has been publicly available for years.

Westbrook’s video focused on a specific series of dramatic events that occurred on YouTube last year and in which she, Dawson, Star, and Charles were involved.

Charles and Westbrook, two stars of the YouTube beauty and makeup community, had been friends for a long time. Charles described her as “like a mother”. Then, in May 2019, Westbrook released a 43-minute video accusing him of using his fame to “manipulate someone’s sexuality” and referring to heterosexual men. Charles vehemently denied the allegation in his own video, and for a while the two continued to publish videos about each other that focused on their frayed friendship.

The generally accepted narrative included that Charles promoted a Westbrook competitor. Vox reported at the time: “19-year-old Charles worked for a beauty supplement brand, SugarBear, which also happens to be Westbrook’s main competitor. 37-year-old Westbrook was badly insulted… ”

But in Tuesday’s tearful video, Westbrook apologized to Charles and said, “I didn’t make my video about vitamins. I made it as a result of all the poisonous lies that Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star have given me. ”

In an ever-deleted Instagram live video released on Tuesday, Dawson denies Westbrook’s claims. Dawson has not yet responded to a request for comment. It doesn’t appear that Star responded, and the Washington Post asked for a comment.

All of this is happening in the middle of some kind of billing on YouTube that started last week with Jenna Marbles, who apologized for having racist jokes in the past and announcing that she would leave her channel. Her video is said to have inspired Dawson to apologize, even though the past four days have not gone well for him. The backlash he – and Star – received was called “KarmageddonBy some users.

It started as soon as a clip reappeared pretending to masturbate while watching a poster of 11-year-old pop singer Willow Smith, causing her mother Jada Pinkett Smith and brother Jaden Smith to publicly criticize Dawson.

“To Shane Dawson … I’m done with the excuses,” said Jada tweetedduring Jaden wrote, “SHANE DAWSON I am disgusted by you. YOU SEXUALIZE AN 11 YEAR OLD GIRL THAT HAPPENS TO BE MY SISTER !!!!!! IS THE LARGEST OF FUNNY AND NOT OK IN THE EASIEST BIT. ”

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