With the release of "Now", country superstar Shania Twain is back. She talks about her reborn career and her exhibition at the Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville. (June 28th)

See What she is A Canadian citizen, Shania Twain, could not vote for Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election. But the country crossover star says she cast her vote for President Trump.

"I would have voted for him, because even though he was insulting, he seemed honest," Twain says in a recent interview on Sunday The Guardian . "Do you want to be straight or polite, not that you could not have both, if I would vote, I just do not want to, I would have voted for a feeling that it was transparent and has politics." The call not to be like that, right?

Further revelations from the interview of the 52-year-old singer:

• She claims that her stepfather had sexually, physically and psychologically abused her when she was about 10 years old.

"Sexual abuse goes hand in hand Hand with physical and mental abuse, if it is someone you know, "says Twain about her childhood in Ontario." I've learned to block it. Abusers have to manipulate you, whether before or after, and what I said to myself is, "OK, something's wrong with that person, and that person is not feeling well."

Twain decided to endure the abuse and report being separated from her siblings in nursing homes, she says, "There's something in me that says a family should stay together."

• She still has bad blood with Marie-Anne Thiébaud, her former best friend broke up her marriage to producer Mutt Lange a decade ago (The singer married Thiebaud's husband Frederic in 2011) "There was a song I said about mine cheating friend and there were many (f-words) there.I hated them, so that's the best word if you hate someone. "

And she's not over it either." I make her really angry things in my dreams. "Twain says," I always cut her hair or shave her off. "

• When Lyme disease left Twain with vocal paresis in the 2000s, "I never thought I would sing again," she says. (She recently underwent a laryngoplasty, an operation to reconstruct her vocal box, leaving her with a two-inch scar on her neck.) "I was too embarrassed to tell anyone I could not sing I know Not at all, why I could not sing. "

Twain released her comeback album Now last fall, her first new studio album for 15 years. Your summer trip through North America begins on May 3 in Tacoma, Washington.

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