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shares jump? Do not let this great risk distract you

The bets that this leap after December is real for stocks had to go away from the action on Thursday, feeling quite optimistic.

The S & P 500 and Dow fought outside the bear market area, marking the best start for equities in 13 years, though some caution on Friday ceases. Some of them could lead big names like Goldman until the start of next week's winning season

GS, -0.27%

and Netflix.

Thanks to the US Federal Reserve's capitulation to investors' recent donations on this stock move, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, who has just brought the numbers up, says his own "buying date" a week earlier. For the week ending January 9, global equities posted the largest inflows of $ 6.2 billion in eleven weeks, with $ 3.8 billion in exchange-traded funds and $ 2.4 billion in mutual funds, says the bank.

But the rebound has the BofAML Bull & Bear indicator back in the neutral Yellow:

This leads us to our call of the day by CFRA Research, whose latest note bears this headline: "Do not be distracted by leadership. " The quarterly results should be solid, it is less clear that the forecast was fully priced in after the December meltdown.

The S & P 500 has fallen 7.4% since the start of December (as of January 9), and the market's last market downturn fell so sharply during a reporting period that results for the fourth quarter of 2015 were generated Bell. The S & P fell 8% in the last one and a half months prior to January 11, 2016, but dropped another 3.7% next month as companies cut growth estimates for the remainder of the year.

"Fourth quarter 2015 results remind investors that the response of each stock and the market as a whole will be determined primarily by the guidance of the first quarter or full year of 2019, says Bell. Here's the CFRA chart, which sets the S & P performance one month after the kick-off of profits:

The last word goes to Michael Batnick of Irrelevant Investor, who with Josh Brown of Reformed Broker suspects that the story is not Great help is in determining whether stocks will continue to hold that big December low:

Bespoke Investments

Head or Head

Batnick's advice: "If you were very scared in December, but nothing The coastline is clear, thank goodness, it's over: "I would suggest that you seriously reevaluate your behavior when you test these lows again, and it gets worse. If we are not great, but if we sell and sell, that's not good. "

" Perhaps now is a good time to reassess your risk tolerance, if you had 70% stocks and freaked out that you That was maybe too much, "he says.

Opinion: These three ETFs outperformed the S & P indices and lowered risk.

The market


YMH9, -0.26%

S & P 500

ESH9, -0.32%

and Nasdaq

NQH9, -0.41%

Futures have some problems. This is after Thursday's action that has advanced the Dow

DJIA, + 0.51%

and S & P 500

SPX, + 0.45%

not corrected, although the Nasdaq

COMP, + 0.42%

is still there.

See: The stock market had its best start just 13 years ago.

The dollar

DXY, -0.23%

is short on the weak address of Fed chief Jerome Powell and the pound

GBPUSD, + 0.5491%

referred to a report saying that British Cabinet ministers felt a Brexit delay was increasingly likely. gold


and roughly


move higher.

European Equities

SXXP, -0.17%

fell down while Asia ended up largely taller.

The chart

at 2,600 and above. Our Chart of the Day was written by Adam Kobeissi, founder and editor-in-chief of The Kobeissi Letter, whose bullish S & P 500 appeal came on Christmas Eve. He remains optimistic as the weak profits in the markets are well priced in and "the expectations are exceeded".

The Kobeissi Letter

"There is a lot of money on the sides and as sentiment continues to shift, retailers will move and individuals will buy again and start the next step up," Kobeissi argues -Mail sent comments.

"We also expect this level to break as momentum continues to rise and the S & P 500 rises to the top Bollinger Band with around 2,700. The Index [Relative Strength Index] on the index also indicates that the formed RSI provides more ground clearance and is now in a relatively neutral area, "he said. The Bollinger Band measures the volatility of the market and the strength of movements in one direction or the other.

The Enthusiasm

The Wall Street Journal reports that Apple

AAPL, + 0.32%

will be launching three new iPhones this fall, the days after a shock (for some) receive the sales warning revenue warning. According to sources, the report cites Apple as introducing a successor to the troubled lower priced XR and a high-end model with a triple-tail camera. Meanwhile, two of Apple's major suppliers in China sank by more than a fifth due to poor iPhone sales.

Tweet late at night, Tesla

TSLA, + 1.90%

CEO Elon Musk showcased the massive space-space missile space-space rocket.

A lawsuit was filed against Alphabet

David & # 39; s, -0.26%

claiming that Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin covered up sexual harassment and discrimination, among other things. The big result could be shaking up a complacent board of directors.


ATVI, + 1.02%

suffers a shock after breaking news with the studio responsible for one of its top video games, "Destiny",


NFLX, + 1.47%

falter after UBS upgraded the streaming company for purchase and raised the price target to $ 410.

On the Trade Front, Finance Minister Steven Mnuchin said Chinese Deputy Prime Minister Lieu is expected to visit the US later this month for further trade talks.

Consumer prices and key CPI data are both ahead of the open market.

The government employees affected by the decommissioning will miss their first paycheck on Friday. The pilots brought the land to Washington to demand the end of the decommissioning and warned of risks to the safety of the air.

The statistics

1,000 times – that's how much energy the oceans of the Earth absorb each year, which consumes the entire population every year, says new study.

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