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She signed up for Microsoft Job Interview. A problem


In the annals of mistakes in job interviews, Laura MacLean from Scotland has given herself a firm place. The 21-year-old knew she had an interview with Skype with the company's University Recruitment team at 11:00 on February 18th, the Scottish Sun said. And yet she opened her laptop for the interview on January 18, 1945 at 11:00. . Not because she messed up the month of the interview – but because she thought it was actually February. Their exchange with a tactful Microsoft employee has now become viral, reports Buzzfeed. MacLean himself first published it online here . At 11.15, she tapped, "I have not received a Skype call for my interview, I'm just wondering if it works?" The Microsoft employee then told her that the interview took place on February 18th. Because MacLean held it for was. 18, she insisted.

"It's the 18th of February and it was scheduled for 11 o'clock," she wrote, adding, "I'm just a little confused." At this point, the Microsoft employee politely told her that it was January, not February. "Perhaps the biggest noob on this planet," MacLean wrote in her tweet about the exchange. Nevertheless, the gaffe does not seem to have ended its hopes for a job. Microsoft captured the wind of the gone viral site and tweeted : "I can not wait to laugh about it on February 18. From February." And a company recruitment manager tells BuzzFeed that they are seeking candidates' ability to "spot our mistakes." (Read more about job interviews.)

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