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Sheamus says fans should save themselves behind Cesaro for a world title

– Sheamus is a supporter of Cesaro, who becomes Main Event Champion in WWE, and wants the fans behind it. Sheamus and Cesaro spoke with Inside the Ropes before WrestleMania and were asked if Kofi Kingston and Becky Lynch should be pushed into the main event by fans.

Cesaro said about Kofi's title shot: "He's doing [deserve to be World Champion] and we're all very excited for Kofi. I think this WrestleMania has a lot of cool stories. We have Kofi Kingston, you know, and it feels like the WWE Universe is somehow bringing it to this place. And the same goes for Becky Lynch, you know, we're obviously looking forward to the first three-time women's threat main event at WrestleMania. And I have the feeling that this is just a reflection of what the audience wants. And I think you can really see, because we're in Brooklyn when this kind of Summer Slam began with Becky.

As the topic turned to the possibility of a Cesaro run, Sheamus said, "I've always said, at least in recent years, a title I did not win is the Intercontinental title. But I'd rather see that (Cesaro) wins the (world title) when I got the Intercontinental title. I would rather that he becomes world champion. He deserves it. And that's up to the fans. You make this decision. If they make enough noise about anything, the brass must listen. It's exactly how it is. Becky, Kofi. And I tell you, you know, people forget ̵

1; for example, it's funny when you're in a tag team. So much happens in the WWE that you are somehow taken back, what's going on. To see him, [Cesaro] all his singles tear him apart. No one hits harder or works harder. I'm always jealous when we're in the ring and I watch how he does springboard uppercuts, all the sports stuff. Not only is he athletic, he's probably the strongest, in WWE, pound for pound, and also the most innovative. And nobody has more passion than him. "

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