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Sheldon Rankins on the Saints D: "We can be dangerous"

NEW ORLEANS – The Saints did not have a feast on Thursday night. Rather, attention fell on the devouring of Dirty Birds.

The Saints (10-1) dominated the Atlanta Falcons (4-7) in a victory of 31-17 on the way to a tenth best win in the league. And only a touchdown of Falcons with less than two minutes made the final result appear closer than on the field.

Atlanta produced 26 meters as a team and had no answer to a Saints defense consisting of six sacks, three fumble recoveries, one intercept, 13 quarterback hits and seven defensive passes.

And in a modern-day NFL, with video games like scores and productions leaning heavily in favor of the offense, the Saints effectively point out to the rest of the league that they can also play defense.

"I've always said we knew what kind of defense we could be if we just hit every game in the same way," said Sheldon Rankins, the defender. "We can be dangerous and I think we showed that, the thing in this league is that you have to do it over and over again, for us we know we've been able to show it through this last couple of weeks consistently."

Having scored 34.3 points per game in the first three games, the Saints' defense has been stingier in the last eight games, earning 1

9.1 points per game.

The turnaround has been seen in full in the last three weeks as New Orleans did not allow an opponent to score 20 points. During this period, the teams averaged 12.6 points per game against the Saints. In view of the opponents this was not an easy task. This included an offensive by the Falcons, which reached seventh place in the standings on Thursday evening (25.5 points per game).

"It's good news," coach Sean Payton said about the defensive improvement. "We played some good offenses Cincinnati is a good offense The eagles are a good offense I think we play a complementary game in terms of possession time, third downs, all these things and tonight was no different . " Security Kurt Coleman has told Payton that the team can play complementary football in defense, attack and special teams.

Coleman added that the saints' ability to make an attack ultimately puts a lot of pressure on the opponent, and this opens the door for the defense to close their ears and come after the quarterback.

"In defense we only know we have to stop," said Coleman. "We get a few turnovers and we know that we have so much pressure on the other side of the ball, the other team they have to hit, if they do not, they just play the whole game, I'm a complete team, like we do things, so football should be played, this is team football at its best. "

The defense has also improved considerably in terms of the allowed meters per game, and comparing the first three games with the last eight is the percentage dropped by the third value.

After converting 421 yards per game and opponents into 44.4 percent of the third-down attempts in the previous category, the Saints have reached 335.6 yards per game and a conversion rate of 35.7 Percent set for the third eight in the last eight games.

New Orleans' four take-aways on Thursday night marked most of the side's team in one game, and the defensive unit has seven in their last two games, having had a total of 10 take-aways in their first nine games , During the 10 game winning streak, the Saints are plus 10 in sales difference.

Against the hawks, the Saints successfully made the enemy a one-dimensional offense by stopping the run and constantly harassing Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan. According to Next-Gen statistics, the Saints' pass increase was a total of 16 pressures to accompany the six sacks of Ryan's 46 dropbacks.

And on a Christmas night showing a defensive masterpiece on prime-time television, the show proved gratifying to a unit of the Saints who faced doubters after a slow start to the season.

"We're talking about & # 39; Prove it properly & # 39 ;," said Cameron Jordan. "At some point we want to be the bully on the block, and I think we're doing that when it comes to this run defense.

" We ended up scoring twice, I think. I do not know what the end result was, but I'm not happy about it. In the end, we can not let go of the gas. We were able to take advantage of those 50-50 balls they ran, but I love the way we played today. I love the four sales, I love the sacks, I love the pressure, I love the quarterback hits. Shoot for all (purposes) and purposes, we had our Thanksgiving. "

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