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SHIELD agents: Did the finale have an "Infinity War" shocker?

Warning: This story contains major spoilers from the 5th season finale of Marvel's agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Reading at your own risk.

After Marvel's agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. Some evidence that Infinity War sneaky ends our fans ended the ABC super series in its fifth season with a big tragedy – just not the fans' expectations.

For the past hour, the team did not agree to rescue Coulson – would they give him the centipede serum or save the world by injecting the serum with a mixture of Odium in Graviton? Daisy insisted on saving Coulson while Yo-Yo fought to protect the world. But May removed her choice by destroying the odium and effectively forcing her hand to save her love. [1

8590000] Oh, Coulson only made his team believe that he was taking the serum and sending Daisy in to talk Talbot off the cliff. But when he tried to absorb them – he would steal their powers and use them to open the earth – she injected the serum and blew him into space. With that, she broke the time loop they were stuck in.

Unfortunately breaking the loop also cost the team a lot. Knowing they would survive into the future, Fitz and May went into the spaceship to save Mack and Polly from a grim fate. But it was Fitz who was eventually killed in the most heartbreaking way – seriously, if you did not cry during this scene, you're a monster.

Here's the good news: Yes, Fitz has died, but that was Future Fitz. Today's Fitz is still in cryptic sleep, floating around in space, waiting to be awakened in the future. So there is hope for a reunion of FitzSimmons!

But here's the bad news: Coulson really did not take the serum and therefore only has days – maybe weeks – to live. The team leaves him and May on the white sand beaches of – wait for him – Tahiti to live the rest of his days. (Clark Gregg responds to this heartbreaking ending in the video above!) And that's it. Serious. S.H.I.E.L.D. has not followed in the footsteps of Infinity War . Why? EW turned to executive producers Jed Whedon, Maurissa Tancharoen and Jeffrey Bell to obtain the Scoop:

[ Editor's Note: This interview took place before Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. was renewed for a sixth season. ]

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: You hinted at recording the end of Infinity War . Why did not we see that in the final?
JED WHEDON: We can not answer some of them.
JEFF BELL: Part of what happened was that they changed the release date.
BELL: And we move at a different time than they did, and suddenly everything was a week early, so we had to make some adjustments and that's how we end up with our story.
WHEDON: Right. And the other thing is that there are certain stories that are like that – there really would not be any way to talk to us about it and keep our show intact. Given that another film is coming out and there will be repercussions on their universe over and over again, we have felt that the safe game for our story and for the integrity of our universe is to operate outside of it.
BELL: Recognizing that it happened, but that we had our own problems and we are dealing with them.
WHEDON: Right, and also the timeline is a bit crazy, since we assume that the last few episodes of our show take place during Infinity War . We are running in real time at the end of the season.
MAURISSA TANCHAROEN: The last four [episodes] all in real time
WHEDON: Yes, so we somehow thought about it, as these events are still going on when our season comes to an end.

What would that mean if the show was renewed? Is the team somehow magically freed from Thanos Snap?
WHEDON: Yeah, well, what we like is to paint us in a corner, so the problem we're facing is not that our show went out of thin air, but that it did is in the air. "Oh no, now what?" Yeah, so we need to figure out how that works and it will depend on what the season looks like and our flight data and so on. Well, yes, that's a bridge we have to cross.
BELL: We call it a classic problem.

Coulson says he has days, at most weeks. If the show resumes, do you feel that a rally is okay in the 11th hour, or do you say that Clark Gregg will finish the show afterwards?
TANCHAROEN: We never finally say anything when it comes to it …
BELL: Yes, he dies long ago
TANCHAROEN: Yes, he dies already [19659010] WHEDON: What we think is that there's an emotional impact on everything that happened this season and we would never want to undermine that. Our show is based on a man killed in the movies, and Clark Gregg is the foundation on which our show is built. Well, it's a good question and one that we can hopefully answer by having another squadron.

What came with the decision to kill Fitz, even though you have these loopholes?
WHEDON: I can say that I do not remember what happened in the writing room, but it was a big Eureka moment for us.
BELL: That's right, because the one-time loop problem was that Fitz was out in space.
WHEDON: Yes, and when we brought everyone back, we spent weeks talking about how to bring them back. Are you coming back for dinner? Well, he would still be there. Okay, well, how are we fooling that? And the problem we had to bring them back – and we brought them back after leaving the planet just to avoid this problem – turned this problem into a big opportunity. What we have realized is what would have the most impact, one of the most painful things one can experience, then experience, and then not be brought back, but a gap could be revealed.
BELL: In fact, it has cleaned up a bit.
WHEDON: Yes, exactly. And so it raises bigger questions about how you can change the time and all that, but we were pretty excited about this story. One of the things we did this year was to get them together in a concrete way because we felt we were pulling them apart too often and we realized, "Wait, we can do it again!" So we were all pretty excited

If the show were renewed, it would be another Fitz who did not make the future experiences, right?
BELL: Absolutely.
WHEDON: Right. He would have no idea he was married.

It feels as if Deke made his exit, so we would not know if he suddenly disappeared or not. What can you say about what happened to Deke?
BELL: I think it's really a mystery. Did he disappear or did he go away? But that's a good thing for people to argue about, I think.
WHEDON: Yes, and we hope they do. Part of this season was to hope that people on their sofas had the same arguments we had for hours in the writing room.
TANCHAROEN: Yes, we wanted all brains to melt like they did in our
WHEDON: I just wanted to share that a bit.

Anything you can say about Daisy's new powers, and why you ended this finale without being the leader of SHIELD?
WHEDON: Well, she's definitely refreshed, and how much that carries, we'll see. We talked a lot about how you would change your timeline and the decisions you make, and who would ultimately make that decision. And we felt Coulson had to be the linchpin in giving it to her. But in terms of not being the leader of S.H.I.E.L.D, we do not really think about it. We think that the strongest step she took as a leader was to install Mack as the head. We think about her ascent to what Coulson thinks she is. He says, "I could not have said it any better myself, I want you to start solving those problems." And she had a really big one on her hands, that's our team does not have a coherent gel, nothing holds it together. And here's a guy who made a great speech at the beginning of the episode, and she remarked, "Hold on, I still want to be the head of the ox, I want someone else to be responsible where I'm going." [19659010] TANCHAROEN: I think a lot of the beauty of Daisy as a character, and the reason why we find her so convincing, is that for the past five years, it has been in their entire history that they are theirs developed own identity. Maybe this is where she is emotional and, of course, with the potential loss of her father figure, just another part of her journey. So, her resignation does not necessarily mean that she will never be the leader, but if anything, she shows her potential to be a truly, truly spectacular leader.
BELL: Yes, and we think of the two [as leaders]. Even at the end of the episode, she sits with a shotgun, her feet on the dashboard, she thanks him for the plane, there's a sense of ownership of S.H.I.E.L.D. and she's the one who says, "Where are we going?" There is a feeling that she is leading the prosecution, she just wants someone else to decide where this charge is.

How important was it for you to end Tahiti?
BELL: Well, we've known that for ages.
BELL: Since we started, since Episode 1.
WHEDON: We thought it was a beautiful picture and we would have kept it all. It's one of the things where you do not think about it. We agreed and said, "It's going to be great." It is an emotional thing for him. We even heard from Mike Peterson that he always wanted that. Our big secret in Episode 1 was, "Never been to Tahiti." He does not know, and he never knows. And here he is and finds some kind of peace on this beach. We love this picture and we were stuck with it all the way.

Marvel's agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. will return in the summer of 2019. Clark Gregg speaks here about his future with the show.

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