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Ship: There is still "significant evidence of collusion" | Video

Rep. Adam Schiff, chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, told George Stephanopoulos, moderator of ABC "This Week", that Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller does not intend to bring further charges. This does not mean that his report contains no evidence of crime. Schiff said that the American people should wait to draw conclusions from the report until it is published, saying that the underlying evidence must be made available to Congress.

"There is a difference between compelling notices of collusion and whether the Special Lawyer concludes this he can unequivocally prove the criminal display of the plot," Schiff said. "Do not think you can bury this report, do not think that you can secretly bury the evidence by teaching eight people in Congress and saying that we have fulfilled our responsibilities, which will not cut him off."

Stephanopoulos asked, "You said the San Francisco Chronicle on Friday, if there's no bomb, there's no impeachment, are not any new charges a bomb?"

"Not necessarily," Schiff replied. "Because George, as you said earlier, can not accuse the President, that's her policy, and that's why there could be overwhelming evidence of the obstacle question, and I do not know that's the case, but if that were so overwhelming Evidence of criminality on the part of the President, Congress would have to consider this remedy. "

GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS: However, you said that there were significant signs of collusion in the past. How can one compare this with the decision of Robert Müller not to accuse anyone?

REP. ADAM SHIP: And there are clear indications of collusion, and we keep hearing about this from the secret meetings in the Trump Tower to the talks between Flynn and the Russian ambassador to provide survey data for someone in contact with Russian intelligence and Stones talked to WikiLeaks and the GRU about Guccifer 2.0 ̵


STEPHANOPOULOS: None of this was prosecuted.

SHIP: No, that's right. And as I've pointed out several times in your show, there is a difference between compelling collusion evidence and the conclusion that the Special Adviser has concluded that he can prove the criminal charge of conspiracy beyond doubt, and as I said, George , I go to this decision Bob Müller and I have full confidence in him. And I think the country is indebted to Bob Müller for conducting the investigation as professionally as he did. Well, I trust his verdict to the prosecutor, but of course that does not mean that there is no compelling and burdensome evidence that should be shared with the American people.

STEPHANOPOULOS: Some of the president's allies are already saying that this is confirmation of the president.

SHIP: Well, they have said with each charge that it is a justification that now about six people have been charged near the President. That hardly looks like justification for me. But again we see what the report has to say. If they are so sure that the report will relieve them, they should struggling to make this report and the underlying evidence publicly available to Congress. But I suspect that these words of transparency will prove hollow, that they will actually fight for Congress not getting this underlying evidence.

However, we will take it as much as necessary to make sure we do. We have an independent obligation to share the facts with the American people. We in the intelligence committee have a special obligation to check if there is any indication that the president can be compromised in any way, whether or not it is punishable, and of course there is evidence that he is making money in Russia through Trump Tower and other means was looking for real estate that could affect deeply.

STEPHANOPOULOS: You say you will bring it as far as you need it. This means first a summons, then a lawsuit?

SHIP: This means that the request will be summoned if the request is rejected. If subpoenas are denied, we will take people to Congress. And yes, we will prosecute to obtain this information. You know, I say that, I think the prognosis of Neal Katyal is right, we will win this litigation.

STEPHANOPOULOS: Why are you so sure?

SHIP: – The Just Department will be fine because how do you explain to the Department of Justice that you have provided 88,000 pages of discoveries to a Republican Congress and responded to summons that somehow does not provide that information to the Congress in the Trump investigation. Although no charges were brought against Rod Rosenstein or others in the Clinton investigation, this is our policy, not the release of information from uninvited persons. You should tell Bruce Ohr or Andy McCabe or Peter Strzok or Lisa Page or countless others – Hillary Clinton, for whom they have provided hundreds of thousands of pages of information to Congress, and much of it has been published.

So I would hate to defend this double standard in court, and if they try, they will not only lose it, but they will hurt any reputation for impartiality, so I think they have to be transparent, and I hope you accept that.

STEPHANOPOULOS: You also asked Robert Müller to investigate the transcripts of Donald Trump Jr., Eric Prince, Jared Kushner, and no charges for any false statements. Surprised?

SHIP: I do not know. That's hard to prove. When we released the transcript, people themselves can judge how true or imminent they were.

But as I said then, I wanted the special couple to be able to check the transcripts, not just for the purpose of determining whether people lied to us, how people actually did it, but also what evidence show them to the central themes he examined.

STEPHANOPOULOS: There is no public evidence that Robert Mueller even interviewed Don Jr. Interview with the President. Error?

SHIP: Yes. I think – and I've been saying it all along, it was a mistake to rely on written answers from the President, that's generally more of what the lawyer has to say than what the individual has to say. I can certainly understand why the lawyers like Giuliani fought against it, because the President is someone who, from a pathological point of view, seems incapable of telling the truth for long periods of time.

But if you really want the truth, you have to tell people under oath. And that should have been done, but the Special Representative could have made the decision that he could not sue a sitting president on the obstruction question, since that would pull out his inquiry that it made no sense. [19659002] And another point regarding the timing of this report, George, who I think is significant, and this report has come out so far before the election that the contents that the public can have are published Access to information without violating the disclosure policy before an election. And that is very important.

STEPHANOPOULOS: You mentioned that the criminal investigation is only part of Robert Mueller's job. He also took over the investigation against counterintelligence in relation to Russian interference.

I was a little confused that the speaker precludes a secret briefing on this investigation of counterintelligence. Is not this the normal course of business for your committee and the so-called Gang of Eight?

SHIP: There may be a time in the future regarding certain classified information that would lead to a source or method where they would like to do so. However, I think what the speaker says, and I totally agree, do not think you can bury this report. Do not think that you can bury the evidence in secret by teaching eight people in Congress and saying that we have fulfilled our responsibilities. That will not change.

It is therefore important that the report be fully published and the reservations you have raised the legal issues. One thing is clear about the rules for special lawyers, and the Attorney General has the discretion to make it fully public. And if he will live up to his words, that he will do so in accordance with the laws and regulations, that means making everything public.

I think the speaker is right. There are important concerns about the counterintelligence that we
As the committee, the intelligence committee, and recall that this began as a non-criminal investigation of counterintelligence, and in our committee this investigation remains a counterintelligence. We must be able to obtain evidence that this president or those around him are endangered by a foreign power. And, of course, we have seen all sorts of disturbing signs that this President has a relationship with Putin that is very difficult to justify or explain.

STEPHANOPOULOS: You said – you said the San Francisco Chronicle on Friday, when there is no bomb, there is no impeachment. Is no indictment qualified as a bomb?

SHIP: Not necessarily because George, as you said, can not accuse the President. That's her policy. And that's why there could be overwhelming evidence for the obstacle problem. And I do not know that this is the case, but if this were overwhelming evidence of the President's crime, Congress would need to consider this remedy if an indictment is excluded.

So it's too early to do judgments. We have to see the report. And then I think we all have a factual basis for discussing what that means for the American people. What risks do we take with this president? What steps does Congress have to take to protect the country, but without these facts, these judgments are impossible to make?

If you continue the investigation after Müller is done, move the goal posts.

SHIP: The investigation is a criminal investigation. The responsibility of the congress is very different, and that is our job to tell these facts to the Americans. This is what your president did. This is what his main campaign and his agents did. These are the issues we need to address, that is a potential compromise. In the public sector, for example, there is evidence that the president wanted to make money from the Russians, sought Kremlin help to earn money during the presidential election campaign, and refused to do business with the Russians. This is obviously very uncompromising. And if this president believes that he wants to build the tower outside his office, it could further affect his policies towards Putin, Russia, and other issues. It is our duty to uncover that and take corrective action.

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