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Shooting at the California Festival: A gunman killed 3 people – including a 6-year-old boy – and injured 11 others

"We ran off the stage (and were crawled under it," said TinMan singer Christian Swain. "We could smell the gunpowder," Swain said.

Three people were killed and at least eleven others injured, police said. A six-year-old was among the dead, his family said. A gunman was also killed, Gilroy police chief Scot Smithee said.

Gilroy is located about 30 miles south of the city of San Jose.

old food festival.

"We had many, many officials in the park when this happened … which means a very, very fast reaction time," said Smithee.

Victims, whose circumstances were mediocre to severe, were transported to hospitals, according to hospital officials.

Witnesses reported seeing a second person who had not yet been identified or found. The authorities have not yet determined how the second person was involved, Smithee said.

A search for this second suspect is under way, said the chief.

They thought the pops were a firework.

Lex De La Herran left as the music gradually faded on stage, he said.

"I turned around for a moment and heard the shots," he said. "At first I thought it was a firework, but a guy behind me yelled, 'That's real, that's real.'"

"I just froze like a deer in the spotlight," he said.

De La Herran said a piece of splinter hit him in the head. Then he started to run among the crowd.

"I saw people jumping over the fence, people trampling on each other, it was just a widespread mess," he said. "People were definitely in shock … some people were visibly shaking."

Cynthia Saldivar also said that at first she thought the sounds were fireworks.

"We looked at the area they came from and everyone stood still for a second and realized they were shots," she told CNN. "For safety's sake, everyone ran up the hill toward the road. Then I saw some people shooting CPR at others. "

It felt like a nightmare, Miquita Price said.

The shooter stood about 3 yards away, blocking her only possible escape route, she told CNN

  Another screenshot from a video uploaded to Twitter shows people whirling around at the Gilroy Garlic Festival.

I started running, we hit the floor and I literally lay down on the floor, "she said. The shooter stopped shooting for several seconds, as several people reported, and when he started shooting again, Price said she had started running.

The woman who ran next to her was hit and Price said she continued until she found a truck hiding behind it.

She is still in shock.

"There was blood everywhere," she said. "I read about it, but I never thought I would be there."

Stephen Romero (6) was killed during the shootout, Gilroy city council member Fred M. Tovar told CNN.

Tovar said he was "deeply saddened by the news".

  Stephen Romero, 6, was killed while filming at the Garlic Festival in Gilroy, California.

"I pray that God will give strength to his family, my sincere condolences, and I will hold your family in my thoughts and prayers in the coming weeks as you go through the process of grief," he said in a statement.

Stephens grandmother and father talked to CNN daughter KRON about the boy's death.

"That's really hard, there are no words to describe," Romero's grandmother told the affiliate. "He was such a happy kid, I do not think that's fair."

Officials confront suspects within minutes

Swain said police seem to secure the area within five minutes of starting shooting.

] "We know the event was certainly safe and we saw it when we came in to build and play," he told CNN. "At least in my mind I knew that they would be there and that seems to be exactly what happened."

Smithee said the shots started at 5:41 pm. Local time.

Officers are in the area, he said, and involved the suspect "in less than a minute".

  Following a fatal shot at the Gilroy Garlic Festival in Northern California, police remain focused on one goal. [19659040] Police remain focused on one goal following a deadly shoot-out at the Gilroy Garlic Festival in Northern California.

The suspect was shot, Smithee said.

"I can not talk enough about the courage of the police and police At this moment, the first responders show themselves," said Tovar. "My thoughts and prayers are with the families of those who have lost their lives and are recovering in the hospital."

The shooter came from a nearby stream, says the police chief

. Suspect) had come to the festival across the stream, which borders on a parking lot, and they used some sort of tool to cut through the fence, "said Smithee," so they came to the festival grounds themselves. "

The police caught up A firearm and rifle ammunition from the shooting range, a police officer said CNN.

The shooter had "a kind of rifle," said Smithee During a press conference on Sunday evening.

  Police at a garlic festival viewed from a helicopter Garlic festival seen from a helicopter.

It looks like the suspect shot randomly from now on. He moved to the festival, the boss said.

The FBI Evidence Response Team from San Francisco arrived late Sunday evening A police official told CNN that ATF's San Francisco Field Division is also supporting in this case.

"It's a Unbelievably sad and daunting that an event that does so much good for our church suffers from such a tragedy, "said Smithee.

"Our annual family reunion"

The festival attracts around 100,000 people per year, based on attendance records. There is food, live music, cooking competitions and thousands of volunteers who bring everything together. Gilroy is the self proclaimed garlic capital of the world.

The event has helped raise "millions of dollars for local schools, charities, and nonprofit organizations," states the festival's website.

Nobody saw this coming.

CNN's Amir Vera, Hollie Silverman and Gianluca Mezzofiore, Sheena Jones, Chelsea J. Carter, Shawn Cunningham and Paul Murphy contributed to this report.

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