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Shooting of Blevin's Shooting is published

On Sunday night, police camera videos appear in Minneapolis police camera repeatedly warning an armed Thurman Blevins to lay his hands up when they chased him through a residential area on the North Side last month and then fatally shot him in an alley

Images, slowed down and stabilized by a Californian forensic video company, shows the 31-year-old Blevins with a gun and runs in front of the police. The video shows the gun in Blevins' hand just before the shots were fired.

The officers sound a bit quiet as they quickly run to the scene. They stop at Blevins and immediately notice the gun in his shorts. He gets up and starts running.

Officer Justin Schmidt gets out of the squad and says, "Put your [expletive] hands up now!"

Blevins, who also appears to be carrying a liquor bottle, sprints down the street as Schmidt continues to order the man to put his hands up.

"I'm going to shoot you [expletive]!" Schmidt roars as he races with Blevins.

"Put your [expletive] hands up!" repeat that Blevins should stop when he jumps down the street.

"I'm going to shoot you [expletive]!" Says Schmidt as the persecution continues.

"Come on, man!" Repeats Blevins as he keeps running. "I did not do anything, brother."

"You have a weapon, [expletive]!" Says Schmidt as Blevins protests.

"Yes, you do!" Says Schmidt. I'll shoot you [expletive]! "

" Please do not shoot me! "Says Blevins, still running.

"Put your hands up!" Says Schmidt.

"Leave me alone!" Blevins

The stalled video then shows a silver flash in Blevins' right hand just as shots are fired, with another look at the firearm in his hand as he approaches Ground is falling.

Less than 45 seconds into the ball of the foot, and after more than a dozen shots fired by both officers, Blevins goes up into the alley with his hand, a pistol to his right. The officers keep their weapons on Blevins, and more officers come and an ambulance is called.

"Shots fired! Shots fired! One down," says cop Ryan Kelly, calling for an ambulance.

Sydnee Brown, a cousin of Blevins, said Sunday night that the video was shown to family members before the public release, and it confirms her belief that he does not pose a threat police

"He does not deserve to die" Brown said. "He was not a threat when [the officers] approached him. They did not regard him as a human being."

The family is represented by Glenda Hatchett, a former national television juror who represented Philandio Castile's family after He was shot dead by police in Falcon Heights two years ago. A woman who answered her phone said that Hatchett would later make a statement on behalf of the family.

In a hastily scheduled Sunday night press conference, Mayor of Minneapolis, Jacob Frey, called the footage "traumatic," but otherwise did not choose what he showed

He said he first shot the raw footage on the night of Shooting checked and the edited version checked Sunday.

"I thought a lot about the ramifications," Frey said about the issue at such an early stage of investigation by the Bureau of Criminal Apprension (BCA). "Slightly more than 30 days have passed since filming, this is an unprecedented timeline, but in this timeline we had to act with full transparency and make sure that we are honest, even if the truth is difficult."

In response to Calls from citizens and all 1

3 City Council members, Frey said on July 20 that he would release the video by the end of the month. This decision came after he had met with the Blevins family members, who in turn protested to the mayor's office and demanded the immediate release of the video.

Blevins was shot dead on June 23 during a brief chase by officers Kelly and Schmidt (19659002) Frey said three days later he would receive the video from the cameras that were worn by the officers after the family had been consulted and the key witnesses were to get published by police interviewed by the BCA, which is investigating the shootout.

The officers – Kelly, hired by the department in October 2013, and Schmidt, hired in July 2014 – have paid standard leave.

While Blevin's relatives and several witnesses said he only had one bottle in his hand and had run to the police before the shooting. Lt. Bob Kroll, president of the Minneapolis Police Officers Federation, said the shooting was "nothing" without the heroic activity. Kroll said the officers gave Blevin numerous "orders" to drop his gun before they fired, and Kroll said the union would have had to say more on Monday at 10am.

A transcript of the distress call was made Published four weeks by the city, which revealed that the caller requested the dispatcher to send help.

Court records show that Blevins had several criminal convictions in the past decade, and he was found guilty in 2010, and in 2008 Being a felon in a firearm and fleeing the Minneapolis police in 2012. He also pleaded guilty to shooting and kicking a Minneapolis police officer in 2015. A minor drug claim was rejected on June 8.

The police department overhauled its body-camera policy last summer as part of another police shootout, death by Justine Ruszczyk Damond.

The death of Blevins, who was black, In the hands of police in a residential lane in the 4700 block between Aldrich and Bryant Avenues N., sparked tensions and protests, as well as the killing of other black men in recent years in the Twin Cities by officers, namely Jamar Clark of Minneapolis and Castile of Falcon Heights. The officers in Clark's death were not charged while the officer who shot Castile was charged, tried and acquitted.

A lawsuit filed last week in Damond's death for her relatives quarreled with officials involved Mohamed Noor and Matthew Harrity had failed to activate their body cameras as part of a "conspiracy" to cover up evidence of criminal misconduct. Noor was charged with murder in Damond's death.

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