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Virginia Butler

Law enforcement officers continued to search for an" armed and dangerous "man in Geneseo, Livingston County on Wednesday night

Sheriff Thomas Dougherty Livingston said a Geneseo policeman had made traffic control for a "simple traffic violation" at 17:47 on Route 63 near Dewey Hill.

A man and woman were in the car with North Carolina license plates. [19659008] At a late Wednesday press conference, Dougherty identified the suspect as David Clyde Morgan, 49, of Wilmington, North Carolina History is violent, "said Dougherty. "He served jail time."

"We believe (Morgan) did not fire," Dougherty said. "The preliminary report says he pointed to the gun and that the Geneseo officer fired a round."

Dougherty said there were dashboard camera shots of the incident. "This is very preliminary and I emphasize that," added Dougherty.

Morgan and the woman fled both. The woman was arrested shortly thereafter, but Morghgan remains at large, Dougherty said. MEPs called for a block in the Fall Brook area for the report of a "suspect possibly armed". No one was injured during the exchange.

Morgan is 5 feet, 9 inches tall and weighs 200 pounds. Last time he wore a gray hooded sweatshirt or a long-sleeved shirt.

MPs created a perimeter that included several neighboring houses and cornfields, Dougherty said. "As you know, this is a rural area and we definitely can not say that the suspect is still here," said Dougherty.

"We have enough horsepower here," said Dougherty, noting that MPs are encircled by the Geneseo Police Department, the New York State Police, and the Monroe County Sheriff's Office.

The State Police helicopter and SWAT of Livingston County were both on-site. The woman talks to the investigators, Dougherty said, but they do not think the couple is from the area.

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