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Shroud explains why he ends Apex Legends "forever" and plays PUBG instead

Despite a massive start-up period with almost every well-known streamer by name appearing, Apex Legends needs to make changes if one of its most famous players, Michael & # 39; shroud & # 39; Grzesiek, wants to remain interested.

Shroud, formerly a professional CS: GO player who turned to full-time streaming as he experienced the popularity of his channel alongside the growth of PUBG, a rival Battle Royale title.

Since then, Battle Royals have been his favorite games in streaming and when Apex Legends hit the market, he regularly attracted more viewers than anyone else for about the first month after launch.

Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends is stuck in the mud, with delayed servers and missing content some players are turned down.

Apex Legends Suffers from a Downtrend

As with any game, the initial hype starts, but for Apex legends, at least for Twitch, the big names just did not play that much, and for the shroud it was several weeks at all useless.

After his big scooter accident, he tried again in PUBG and the survival game Escape from Tarkov Although many of his viewers asked for more apex, the shroud seemed almost completely disinterested.

On April 15, he finally jumped back into the King's Canyon, but "slow" servers and the lack of content since he last played left shroud even less convinced than before, "I have three more games left before I'll give up the game forever. "

"I'd rather play PUBG – and that says something," the shroud said, even confirming all this. PUBG is currently in better shape than Respawn's Battle Royale.

It was not long before Shroud's opinion was confirmed, as the next game was plagued by a so-called "Slow-Mo" error.

"Oh, sweetie, we have another Laggy server? Wow, shock! Shocker Apex Legends Respawn EA Developer!"

Why not Apex? He succeeded in preserving his interest, and the corpse agrees that a "big spot" could bring back people who might be m oved on.

Are Apex Legends missing new content?

Respawn Entertainment has promised more content in the future, but since the launch on February 4, only a new weapon and a new legend and cosmetic content have been added. In the Battle Pass many players were also suppressed.

The map itself has also remained completely unchanged since its publication, and there is no indication that changes or even a new map are planned.

Respawn has also recently announced its concentration split announcing the release of Star Wars Jedi: Falling Order in November, so the studio may also be "crisp" for this launch.

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